The Journey

The 2nd part of the story: THE DEMONS by Percy.Kane.01
Jack Frost, Elsa, Natsu and Percy starts their journey to find and defeat Acnologia since they are the only left from the team. They have only 3 days to finish the task.
Will they succeed or make the world suffer?

LINK for PART 1:


1. Atlantis... The Journey continues

Elsa's POV

       We now arrived at the top of the mountain.

       "What are we gonna do?" I asked.

       "What else," Jack answered. "Do the portal thing. ." Then he got the Crystal Ball which North gave them.

       "But where to?" Natsu asked.

       "To my father's domain of course." answered Percy grimly. "Let me handle the ball."

        Then Percy shake the the ball and throw it. When the ball got larger, I saw an image of a underwater domain. The place was ancient. Lot's of underwater creatures. What really captured my eyes were the Horse-like fishes and mermaids.

       *WHISTLE* Percy whistled and one of the horse like creatures swam to the portal.

       "This is a hippocampus" Percy introduced. Then Percy faced the creature.

       "Give them the Head Bubbles." Then the horse sighed aslike he understood.

       "What's the head bubbles?" Natsu asked.

      "Hippocampus's saliva used as your oxygen." Percy answered.

       "How about you Percy?" Natsu asked.

       "Oh, I breath underwater." Percy replied.

       Then Percy laid his hand out to the creature's mouth then a mouthful of saliva was placed in his hands.

       "Eww. gross." I complained.

       "Heads up Dragon boy" Percy teased Natsu.

       "Who are you calling Drag-" Natsu was suddenly stopped by Percy throwing him the saliva.

       I moved back. When Natsu got up, he got wild, he summoned his flames, and tried to hit Percy, but after a split second, he stopped his attempt.

       "Not bad." Natsu complimented. "Smells like just, flower, a fragrant one. Are there flowers in the ocean?"

       "Nope, no flowers." Percy answered. "now, your turn Elsa." Then Percy threw another ball of hippocampus's saliva to my face. But what was amazing that it smells just like a flower. 

       "What's in this thing?" I asked amazingly.

       "Natural Hippocampus saliva. that's all." Percy said. "Now, how about you Mr. Frost?"

       "No way." Jack answered then started floating. then Percy started throwing the saliva to Jack. But the stubborn Jack Frost dodges all the saliva balls.

       "Oh we're wasting time Jack." I complained. Then I froze Jack's feet and he didn't move.

       "Oh come on Elsa!" Then the Saliva ball hit his face. I seriously wanted to laugh but maybe it would insult jack. So I kept it myself.

       "Let's go." Percy jumped to the portal. Then Jack next and Natsu. I came in last and grabbed the crystal ball.


       A/N: So here you go. Sorry for the late update. The second part is now published today as I promised. And also thank you for the support of the part 1 story 'THE DEMONS" It had 4 likes/votes and 101 reads with NO COMMENTS! (as of May 29,2014).  So please, support also this part until the story ends. LABYU ALL....


Chapter 2: The Book of the Demons

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