Playing Him

He's done it to her and now she's getting him back... Or she thought so


1. chapter 1.

"Yeah!" The team cheered as they hurried into the small locker rooms

"I can't believe if, with a girl on our team we still won" James cheered patting me on the back as they all changed out of the soccer jerseys

"Dude, she's the only reason we are at the tops" Duke reminded him and James just laughed before his girlfriend rushed in kissing and hugging him

"I guess I'll have to wait until next season to see you play again" a males voice said from behind near the exit door, it was him

"Oh my gosh" I ran over to him hugging him for what seemed like I haven't hugged him in years

"But I did see you score that last one, that I assume let you guys win" Louis told me as we let go of each other

"Yeah, I learn from the best, and I think more important why are you here?" I asked him grabbing my bag

"Well, the tour starts in a week or two and me and the boys decided to come back home with me for those days" he shrugged as we walked out

"You mean you and the others are here?" I asked in disbelief

"Yep" he simply said waiting for me to hit him or something for being him back here

"And by here, you mean at the game or in Doncaster?" I asked him tearing him

"Well" he dragged out the word

"Tomlinson" I warned

"They are outside waiting" he said quickly stepping back before I could slap him

"Why would you bring him here, out of all the places?" I shouted at him

"Stella, he has changed he's not the same immature douche bag as a year or two ago" he grabbed my wrist before I walked out

"Whatever" I mumbled pulling away from him, crashing into someone else as I turned

"Hello, love" he spoke slowly and tauntingly

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