Stuck In My Head

Songs are a part of every chapter, they influence what Tara does, and you choose the songs!


1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World-Lorde Cover

I wake up in the boarding school, it's my 179th day. It's a school only two becomes royal and you can't quit.... A teacher comes up to me in the hallways and says, "Welcome to your life, better be acting on your best behavior, turn your back on....Mother Nature." those sounded like song lyrics I could swear on it. The lights blacked out! I could see lights under the doors, but I couldn't open any... The walls started falling, and a man comes to me and holds my hand, he look like Chris, I couldn't tell with all the lights off... "Everybody wants to rule the world." "What?" It was Chris, well at least sounded like him. "We are living in a song, Everybody wants to rule the rule is the song." I told him. " Tara you sound crazy.. Then everything stopped, it all returned to normal we looked at each other, we became the royals.

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