Loving You

This is a story about a secret admirer who fell in love with a popular boy. But who knows maybe that popular boy admire's her too secretly!;)


1. Chapter One:Strangers

Hi guys its my first story i've ever made i hope you like it ;)

Isabelle's POV

"Honey wake up were going to the grocery store" my mom said

"But why"

"HELLO! There's no food in here, do you want to eat canned goods AGAIN!" My mom shouted in front of my ear


"Okay, get out of the bed and get ready or i will splash a cold bucket of water on you're face!"

Without saying anything i get out of bed, but hey no one likes to experience that.When I'm done i go downstairs and i found my mom waiting for me and then she grabs me like theres no tomorrow


The ride is boring were not talking to each other like were complete strangers and besides im not in the mood to talk

"Here we are"my mom say

After an hour passed by my stomach is growling like a lion and that's when i realized that i'm hungry. I turn around to find my mom but she's not there and when i look back i saw her in front of me.

"Gosh you've scared the lions out of me!"

"Oh i'm so-"

"Its ok its ok."



"Im hungry"



"You're not coming?"

"Im busy right?"

"Okay...Gotta go bye!"

When I'm getting out of the store someone bumped into me

"Oh! Arggghhh"

That man he doesn't even say sorry

"What a gentleman!"

And then i saw theres a wallet. And when i open it there's a lot of money inside


I know this guy Yes! He's the one who bumped into me earlier.

His name is Harry Styles,wait he looks familiar like I've seen him before



Hope you like it!:)

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