An Undying Love

There is a young, abused foster child.Her name is Cassie.Read to find out what happens to a young, suspicious, curiously dangerous, girl.


1. New Beginnings

                          I had just got home from school.My foster parents were doing their usual job : selling drugs.Such as cocain, cigarettes, beer, wine, you name it. Today was the last day of school. June 6th, 2014,3:00.I am a high schooler so I don't have to go to school again.Luckily, I am getting emancipated tomorrow so, I don't have to live with my abusive parents anymore . I can live a new life. Get my own house . I can do that easily because my parents left me $1,000,000 before they died.Their car crashed.I decided to get a shower. After that I decided to go to sleep.

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