Hello my name is Callista Zaira Evie, but most people call me calli, or California. Yes I know it's a weird name but it's also unique kinda like me


1. one

Hello my name is Callista Zaira Evie, but most people call me calli, or California. Yes I know it's a weird name but it's also unique kinda like me. I mean I really have a strange personality, and habits. I have hombre hair it goes from dark brown to purple. I love it! I have emerald green eyes straight white teeth, and I good enough body. Most boys are attracted to me but I really don't know why... I'm actually really ugly and insecure. I live with my abusive parents (but no ones knows that they are!) I have so many dark secrets that you wouldn't even believe me if I told you.

Okay that's enough now back to the present.

{Calli's pov.-}

School is out for the day. I'm taking my time to get home because my parents are well yeah... "Calli, why are you still here?" one of my best friends Blake said to me.

Blake is a tall blonde haired, tanned, blue eyed boy that is just lovable. I mean no one hates him! How is that even possible???

"Oh yeah I'm going home soon.." I said softly. "I mean unless you wanna grab a bite to eat or something?"

"Sure id love some food I could eat a whale right now!" Blake exclaimed.

"NO WAY ME TOO!!! FOR NARNIA!" I yelled dragging him out of the school with all my strengthen, let me just tell you he isn't the lightest person.

"Dude you need to lose weight it's like I'm dragging a buffalo behind me!"

"Haha. So funny." sarcasm dripped from his voice as he spoke. "Yeah! Ikr I mean I think i'd be a pretty good comedian. Am I right?" A smirk played across my face as I spoke.

"Wow you're more full of yourself than that bitch Courtney!"

"BLAKE! THATS NOT COOL WTF DUDE!" I snapped at him, guilt washed over his face. Good, he knew we were friends before she tried to turn the whole school, AND I MEAN WHOLE SCHOOL against me, luckily it didn't work because I had very loyal friends.

"Calli, you know I didn't mean it I was joking! I would never be that mean. I won't talk about her anymore I swear!" Blake said crossing his heart.

"Pinky promise?" I asked curiously

"Pinky promise." Our pinkies did a weird little dance promising that we would never speak of the devil again.

{Blake's pov.-}

I feel so bad. I knew I shouldn't have mentioned her. I know that Calli has more problems then she tells people it's obvious. I am probably the only one who has noticed she's been acting differently.

"Hey are you okay? I know there is something that you aren't telling me." I spoke.

"N-n-no nothing's wrong. I-I-I-I swear!" She stuttered out.

Woah her face got really pales fast.

"You can tell me anything you know that right?"

"Yeah I know! SHIT I HAVE TO GET HOME MY PARENTS ARE GOING TO KILL ME!" Calli shrieked. I checked the time, it was only 2:00.

"But it's only 2 o'clock though..." I said honestly.

She was packing up her things hurriedly what is the rush i mean her parents are.... oh god! I'm a horrible friend I can't belive I've never noticed!

"Hey Callista. Are your parents... you know. Abusive?" I choked out. Her face dropped and looked like she was gonna start crying. So I got up and hugged her she started to cry and slightly nodded her head. " You can sleepover at my house for the next few weeks or so my parents are outta town. I mean we have spare rooms and all" I asked her.

"y-yes p-p-please that would be nice" Calli said through her tears.

"Ok let's go get your stuff they won't hurt you if I'm there right?"

"No. They won't risk getting caught." She said with a small smile on her beautiful face.

Yes I know I just said beautiful I'm not into her she's just very beautiful.

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