Why didn't you tell me?

When Louis left Nicole to go to the X-Factor, she was heartbroken. Nicole had found out she was pregnant, she had kept him secret from Louis and he did not know until he ran into her 4 years later.


1. Leaving....

             Nicole's P.O.V Louis. That bastard that left me for his career . I couldn't blame him, i had encouraged him to go but he left without any warnings or even a goodbye.... *Flashback* "I had gone to bed with Lou last night , where was he now?"I had thought to myself. As i looked around my flat Louis was nowhere to be found."What happened? was he alright? Where are you Lou?"i thought as i was frantically running throughout my flat."Lou!"i yelled. That's when i found the note in my bathroom.

*Reading the Note*

Nicole, I have taken your advice and i have gone to audition for the X-Factor. My mum is with me so don't worry. I need this, please understand that. Love Louis...

*End of Note*

             That's it no "I love you" or not even a"I'll miss you". I had this horrible feeling in my stomach, as I ran to my loo and through up in the toilet i had thought only one thing,"Lou, you son of a Bitch!"

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