From girly to Emo

Ashley and her brother Ashton were both shocked when their father died. Ashley turns from girly to a famous emo scene girl while Ashton starts to fall for a girl he knew for a long time. Their family is not a normal family. (Contains cursing and mild sexual content)


1. welcome back party

Marina POV:

July 4th, 2004

Hi I'm Marina Irwin, I live happily with my mom and brother Ashton. My father is in the army, well was, he's coming home today. It had been 3 years since I saw him. I'm now 15 and Ashton's 17. I was started to get ready for the welcome home party. Mom looked out the window.

"Ok everybody hide he's here!" Mom started yelling at everybody. We all hid and turned off the lights. Then here he came, but instead of opening the door he knocked.

"It's open come in!" Mom yelled. When the door opened mom turned on the light and everybody yelled "welcome home!!!!"

But instead of seeing dad their stood a unfamiliar man. All of are faces turn from happy to confused.

"Hello, I'm Henry Rye, captain of the army, may I Speak to the lady of this house hold?" He asked referring to mom. she went over to him and they went in the other room. I just watched them. Then suddenly mom started balling her eyes out. I knew something bad happened just from her face. When they finished the guy left and mom came back.

"Everybody, you have to go, the welcome party's off" she said sounding sad. I could tell that everybody else knew what she meant.

I looked over at Ashton giving him a confused look. He just shrugged his shoulder.

"Ok guys go to bed" mom said making us confused since it was only 8. But still we did what she had told.

Next morning

I woke up to the sound of mom calling me and Ashton down for breakfast. I got up and put my hair up in a messy bun. I got on my slippers and made my way to my door. I opened the door and went downstairs. I looked around to try and find dad. He is always down here first. I had no sight off him.

"Hey sis" Ashton said making me jump making me lose my train of thought.

"Oh hey, where's dad" I asked Ashton

"He is probably gonna come home late" he said. After that mom came back down stairs.

"Guys can you take a seat?" She said. She didn't have her cheerful morning talk like always. We both sat down at the kitchen table

"What is it mom?" Ashton asked

"Umm, it's about your father" she said

"Yeah, when is coming back he's late" I said

"Umm, your father died" she said. I just broke. I began to cry and Ashton moved his chair closer to me and cried on his shoulder.

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