Dragged into Stardom- Niall

Mollie thought she'd got the worst of the fame, being the little sister of Greg and Niall Horan, however she is wrong. When her parents die and Greg doesn't have the space or money to look after her, so she is shipped off to go and live with her older brother Niall. How will she face the reality of the hollywood lifestyle? Does she fall in love with any of the band members? READ NOW!


1. Devastation

Today, happened to be the worst day of my life. I tore the black dress from my small frame, never wanting to see it again. I looked around the small bedroom at my parents house, however it didn't belong to them anymore. They couldn't pay the bills for it, as they were dead. I glanced over at the small funeral programme. which displayed a picture of my mom and dad on the front, and underneath it read " Sadly passed in a misfortunate car crash on 05/04/14. " I could hear my two older brothers, Niall and Greg making small talk downstairs. As I was only  17 ( an unexpected baby ). One of my brothers had to take me into care. Greg would have been a suitable option, however he had a son of his own, Theo, and he was a main priority. So then Niall stepped in. My suitcases lay packed to the brim with all my possessions inside in the hallway. I sighed heavily, taking one last look at my bedroom, before putting on a set of clothes that wasn't packed. I then looked round one last time, before closing the door and heaving my two large suitcases down the stairs. Once I was at the bottom I saw the two boys lay on the sofas wearing crisp black suits. "hey" I whispered. Tears already falling down my face. They both turned to look at me before enveloping me in a hug. " Don't worry, we both miss them too. " Greg said. I pulled away then replied " I know you do but Im still growing up, you two can look after yourselves. " They both gave me apologetic smiles. " But thats why Im here " Niall said smiling. He then picked up my bags and took them to the door, letting Greg open it for him. We all stepped outside, I then took a spare key and locked the door. " Well, I guess Ill see you both soon guys. " Greg said before hugging us one last time. As Niall had a main house in London, we were staying there before the 'Where we are tour started'. " Yep! I'll have to arrange meeting up somewhere one weekend. " Niall laughed enthusiastically. " Perfect! Well, Ill text you later Mollie. " Greg replied. " Bye. " I whispered, before Greg got in his car and left." Ok well its just us two now! " Niall smiled before taking my luggage and placing them in the trunk of his range rover. " To the airport!! " 

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