This story is about meeting them..........


1. i was wrong

My names Ells and my best friend is obsessed with Magcon, but I don't really like them until this happened............


My best friend Mya had tickets to go see Magcon, so she made me go with her. I didn't really want to go but I thought I maze well. So the day came to go to the hotel so I got up got packed and ready and met my friend. We caught the train into town and a taxi to the hotel. The hotel was amazing it went up in a spiral so you could see every floor and every door on that floor, we were on the 10th floor and the boys were on the 11th floor. Magcon was the next day so we had to wake up supper early but we didn't go to sleep until  4am because Mya was watching the boys being stupid on there floor. When we woke up we  went down for breakfast and the boys were there they were really loud but I didn't mind but Mya wouldn't stop staring at them. After breakfast we went and got in line, we had vip tickets so we got let in first to meet them. As we was lining up to meet them everyone was getting excited and was pushing and shoving and because I am claustrophobic I was getting really nerves so when it was our turn to meet them we had a picture and I was finished as fast as I could, but then we was going to watch them be stupid on stage so once we was done we went and stood at the front so we could see the stage. Then the non vip was let in and they all was pushing to get to the front and there was no space so no one could move. That when everything went blurry and I could hear my heart beating and all of a sudden I dropped to the floor and passed out. Everyone crowded me and I was taken to another room. When i woke up there was Nash, Hayes, Cameron, Matthew, Carter, Shawn, Taylor, Dillon and the rest of the Magcon boys surrounding me, my head was on Camerons lap and he was stroking my head and Nash and Hayes was holing my hands and the rest of them was by my sides they all asked if I was okay, and that's when my opinion changed on all of them. I thought the were stuck up boys who thought they were cool and liked the attention but actually there not there sweet boys that do everything they can for there fans and I was wrong to think that of them. After the ambulance people told me I was going to be okay the boys said bye and I went back to the hotel room. Later that night there was a knock on the door....... It was the boys I let them in and I said thank you to them for what they did, but that's not all they had brought pizza and a movie and spent the night with me because I missed the event. When they was about to leave they all gave me a hug and we took a selfie and I thanked them for everything and they gave me and my friend both a signed t-shirt, I didn't want them to leave they were so nice to me but they promised me that they will stay in contact and would visit me if they were ever there again and they kept there promise, I grew really close to Nash, Hayes, Matthew and Cameron the most they were so caring and helpful I will always remember that day for ever, they will always be my first love. I thank my best friend Mya for taking me and even though I passed out she was there for me and I love her for that.



Thanks for reading and I hoped you liked it. Sorry if its all over thee place this is the first time ive done one.



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