The Meaning of Love


1. the meaning of love

The Meaning of Love

The following is my point of view on love, why we all want it, and how we can get it.

“Opposites Attract.”

This is a short phrase that provides the reasoning behind why two people with completely different cultures/backgrounds can actually be with each other.

Opposites Attract – unreasonable love

Example: Nice, Christian girl, straight A’s, beautiful, goody-goody, and a tough jock, sleek combed hair, barely remembers his phone number, emotionless face.

Reasoning: One could perhaps argue, that “opposites attract” like magnets do. Another person could argue, that one is craving what the other has, and in their search for it, meeting the other person fulfills that craving. Although the phrase “opposites attract” seems to play a great role in figuring out love, let’s take a look at the opposition for this phrase.

“They’re made just for each other!”

Really? We just spoke about how different people fall in love with each other, and now we’re saying that some people were made just for each other? Strange, isn’t it? Which is it then? Do people fall in love when they’re different from other, or when they’re similar to each other?

Made for each other – natural love

Example: Coworkers in a corporate office. Both work in the same place, they eat at similar places, hang out in similar places, and they live inside of the same city.

Reasoning: They would love each other because of the similar qualities in their lives. They would understand each other and have a lot in common because of the simplicity of where they live and where they hang out and spend their time.

The Verdict”

So what does make two people fall in love?

If a person believes that qualities are the main reason for love, they’re not exactly correct. If you think that love is falling for the person with great looks, great height, or even a nice physique, think again.

If you think that love is about quantity, what they have, such as how much money he has, what job he has, or even if he has a car, you’re out of your mind.

Qualities can change. A good looking person can turn ugly at any point in time, and toned people can turn fat. Quantities can change too. A person can lose his car or money at any moment. Heck, he could be fired at any time too.

Why do we fall in love?

What doesn’t change then?

Love is something that can only be experienced. A person can love another person even if they have nothing in common, or even everything in common. A person can fall in love with someone poorer or richer than them. You can love a person that doesn’t have a car, and you can love that person even if his looks aren’t on par with your standards. Love can’t be experienced through a checklist.

Love can only be experience through, well, experiences. During the time you spent with a person, they start to grow on you, causing you to understand them, confide in them, and eventually fall in love with them. Two consenting people can actually build a relationship together, just based on experiences with each other, because really, those memories cannot be changed or altered in any way because we can never erase history.

So what makes two people fall in love? The experience and memories that you share with them.

Congratulations, you now understand love.

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