Sad Love Story

Hi my name is Ashley. I am 17 years old . I have a boyfriend named Jacob. He is 18


1. Sad Love Story

Ashley's POV:

Hi my name is Ashley. I am currently 17 years old. I have a boyfriend named Jacob. He is a bit older than me. He is 18. I have a lil sister named Avery. Avery is 5 years old. Our mom died in a car accident. Avery crys herself to sleep.

I was currently texting Jacob when he called me in the middle of texting him back.

"Hey babe" I said.

"Hey sweetie" Jacob said.

"How are you" I said.

"Good. I'm missing you." Jacob said.

"Mee too" I said

'Jacob come here' I heard a girl say.

"Uhm babe, who is that?" I asked confused

"Uhm no one!" Jacob said.

"Ok. I'm comming over right now to see who that girl is." I said.

"Babe no no no" Jacob said.

I hung up after he said that. I quickly grabbed my keys to my honda accord. I got in my car and drove off. I parked next to a car that I didn't recognize. I turned off my car and ran inside his house and found him making out with a girl!

"Oh my god!! JACOB WHAT R U DOING?" I said crying

"sweetie it's not what it looks like!" Jacob said comming to me.

"Why did u call her sweetie?" the mystery girl said.

"Look! I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking straight! I'm sorry please forgive me?" Jacob said!

"NO!!" The mystery girl and I said at the same time!

I ran back to my car and seen him running after me. I got in the car really fast and drove off. the mystery girl did the same! I looked back and saw him crying I didn't care that he was crying! he is my ex now! I hate him soo much!

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