Dangerous Love

Falling in love with your maths teachers boyfriend? this is exactly what happens to Jesy taylor......


1. First Day


Walking through the gates of a new school for the first time.I walk straight to the administration with my head down,making sure i dont make eye contact with anyone. The lady at the administration desk is short and plump with straggely grey hair.

"Hello dear,how can i help you?"

"Hi my name is Jesy Taylor, im new here i was wondering if you could give me directions to my locker?" I say.

"Of course dear, down the corridor to the left no.137."

"Okay thanks" I say, and walk off.

When  reach my locker, I have a little trouble with the combination, but eventualy get it open. I look up and see a girl staring at me, I'm tempted to ask her ehat shes looking at, but decide not to, i dont ant any trouble on my first day.

First up i have English and then maths. I walk into the classroom and sit in the only seat left, next to a girl with red hair and glasses I dont really talk to her and before I know it the english lesson is over. When the bell rings the girl snorts loudly I try not to laugh and run out of the room and straight to maths.

This lesson the teacher makes me go up to the front of the class to introduce myself to everyone.

"Hi , my name is Jesy Taylor, I'm 17 and am obviously new here! " I stammer.

At the end of the lesson Miss Walker asks me to stay behind to talk to me

"Jesy I think it would be a good idea for you to get some extra help from me, I think some tutorng fom me on awednesday night would do you good'.

I open my mouth to object, but its too late, shes obvisously made up her mind.

'I'm glad that we can agree on this Jesy, I'll see you on wednesday'.

then I leave for my next class.


Well, did you guys enjoy the first chapter of Dangerous Love? some action coming up in the next chapter, please leave a comment.

- The Afro Twins <3





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