Louis secret lover

Hannah is just in London for studying but what will happen if Louis is there?? Find out by reading this story


1. New school

Ahhhhh.... At last I'm here at London


Yep I'm here at London for my studies...

"Hey Hannah come on!! Were gonna be late for our first day on school!" Jane said

"Coming!! I'm just finishing my make up" last finishing touch.. There I'm done..

"Hey your so slow! Were late!"

I rolled my eyes " yeah whatever!"

Then she drive us through her car to our new school.. Ahhh I'm so excited.. New teachers new crushes and new classmates..

"Hey Hannah were here !!" She said with excitement

"Woah" That's all I can say 'cause this school really is big

"Well. Let's get going.. You have your schedule right? Just text me if it's your lunch time already.. See yah" Jane said

"See yah best friend!"

Ok! Let's go to our first class..


Gosh !! This room is a paradise .. Handsome boys!! I can't wait to know their names !!

" Class be quiet .. You will be having a new classmates so please every one .. One by one you will be introducing your names .. In just your seat" our teacher said. Well I don't know her name..

I'm at the back so I'm the last one..

"Hey I 'm Hannah Guitch.. I'm 16 years old" there I'm finish

" Miss Guitch where's your seat mate?"

"I don 't know" I said

" By the way I 'm Miss Lutche" Ah so that's her surname.. By the way who's my seat mate?

"Good morning mates!" The one in the door said

Who's that gorgeous man?

Yey !! Who do you think that mAn is?

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