No Ordinary Girls

In the life of a mermaid, you can expect anything and almost everything and everyone, can expose you.


1. Prologue

I stared at the land people at their houses and with their land children, I sighed and swam away to the group.

My name is Tiffany. I'm not like you may think, I have red hair with black at the ends (it's natural but I don't know how) and blue eyes. I also have one more thing to tell you...I'm a mermaid.

"Tiffany where have you been!?," Candace said I sighed and swam past her splashing her with water. I turned around to say sorry but she just dived into the water without a word. I rolled my eyes. She could be so dramatic sometimes. I quickly swam to my kelp forest where I had a "room" as the land people call it.

Brushing my hair with my fingers and then braiding it with some sea shells I went back to the group,

"Tiff! Over here," my best friend Dawn called. I swam over and chatted with her until Candace called the meeting to a start, "Now, everyone settle down. I have some bad news... A maiden has been transformed. We have no idea how but she has found out and is trying to tell the other land people. We need volunteers to go up to the..." With a disgusted face she said, "shore."

I stared at her for a second and looked around, gasps were heard and some whimpers. I shot my hand up and Dawn did the same while smiling at me.

Candace rolled her eyes at me muttering something, " The volunteers shall start tomorrow." And with that she swam away. I giggled with Dawn

Dawn had Dark brown hair that was always pulled back and dark brown eyes and she was tan. I swam to my kelp forest for the night and fell asleep quickly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got up quickly doing my hair like last night. I found Dawn and the other volunteer named, Skye, she had blonde hair and sea green eyes and was pretty pale. As we made our way to the surface the group came with us. We laid on sand and waited. Since we didn't have our powers yet (well only Dawn, but just a little bit) we couldn't transform ourselves yet.

As we grew our...legs? I think that's what the land people call them Dawn and Skye started screaming.

With a confused look I said, "SHUT UP!...No offense..." And with that the group left and we were alone...

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