Wolf Song

This story is about Silia. She was born to a dog and a wolf. Her mother was an experiment and father a pure-blood wolf. Silia is half dag and half wolf, she has the most valuable bloo known to the wolf packs. She can turn into a wolf and she can change back. Her wolf name is Zircon. However, she remembers her father left her but what will happen when she realizes the wolf pack's alpha is her own father! Her brother is also half wolf and half dog. Jamie and Silia go on their journey and meet a wolf...however when both find out who their father is and Jamie is captured...sorry...Xander is captured....will Silia, I mean Zircon, survive without her brother?


1. Prologue

Silia ran through the forest, snow whipping past her fur. Her dark black fur soon coated entirely with white snowflakes. Her eyes gleamed bright green as she made her way through the snow. Her paws left blood marks through the blinding white blizzard. She paused and panted slightly, she should go find shelter. Her brother, Jamie, was behind her panted " We...we should rest Silia." he gasped as he watched her. "But...we should keep going." Silia replied back sternly. They kept running for a long time until Jamie ran in front if his sister "We need to stop Silia." He growled slightly. "Fine, how about those rocks over there?" Silia pointed and followed her brother to the cave. They circled and Silia lay her head on her paws, glancing at Jamie "Your not going to have any paws if you make me come over there." she huffed slightly. Jamie glanced at his bleeding paws and slumped to the ground, snorting slightly. Silia licked her bleeding and cracked pads silently. Her eyes closing as Jamie curled beside her and both fell asleep. 

In the morning, Silia was awake before her brother and watching the sky. As Jamie woke up she turned her head and blinked "The blizzard has passed, we're safe now." She murmured as he joined her. "What can you smell?" Her voice asked softly, as she stepped into the light. Jamie lifted his head "I smell mouse, moose, oh, and I think I smell a blackbird in that tree." He gazed up the large trunk. "Let's....stick with the mouse." Silia said as they split up and went around the mouse. The she-dog lunged forward and barked viciously.  Jamie leaped forward and caught the mouse in his jaws. The mouse squeaked and struggled until he let it go. "What in the world was that for?!" Silia drew up beside her brother. "I just couldn't ignore it's cry for help." He responded easily. Silia wasn't listening, her gaze was fixed on a...wolf. Jamie turned and gaped. 

The wolf bounded past the two siblings silently and bounded up the tree, catching the mouse and leaping down " Who are you?" his voice was deep yet wary. "Please, I'm Silia, this is my brother Jamie." Silia replied softly. The dog mix stepped forward as she spoke, her eyes wary. "What are you doing here?" He asked again. "Please, we'll leave." Silia turned to go "Come on Jamie." She murmured softly. "Relax youngsters, My name is Damion." He said and turned "Follow me." Jamie eagerly began to follow but Silia bit his tail. "What are you doing?"  He asked coldly. Damion turned and saw the look in the shes eyes "Relax, I won't hurt you." he replied and the two followed him. Before going into the brush leading into the camp, Damion turned to them "Your new name will be Zircon....and yours will be Xander." He replied. "No....My name's Silia." the half blood growled. "No, that was your pet name...now you are no longer a pet and your name is Zircon." He replied and showed them through the brambles to the pack. 

Zircon and Xander exchanged glances and followed....their eyes widened as they saw the pack. The alpha female, the betas, and the delta. They stared as Damion called the pack together "Pack, I have found them." He said and turned to the two sibling "Meet the pack." 

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