Ask the Seven

First off, it is rated green let's keep it that way... To the seven: Who is the best in combat? Me -Percy Me! -Annabeth I meant Annabeth. -Percy I think Franks pretty good, because he can fly and stuff... -Hazel Thanks Hazel but I would have to go with Annabeth, she is pretty fierce. -Frank Hello! -Leo Really Leo? It's me. -Jason Jason's pretty good. -Piper So are you Piper. -Jason Awww -Leo Jason, a brick could beat you anyway! -Percy Shut up! -Jason Post your questions in the comments


1. Question 1

To the 7: Who has the best hair?

ME, no contest! -Percy

You do have nice hair seaweed brain. -Annabeth

Piper has nice hair. -Jason

everyone cracks up

What! -Jason

Well you just suggested that Piper has the best hair. -Leo

And...? -Jason

Well, obviously I have the best hair! -Leo

everyone laughs harder

I think Frank wins. -Annabeth

Woah! You sinking Percabeth? -Piper

What!? No I was just saying he has nice hair. -Annabeth

Percy is holding the pen

Frank does have nice hair, it's very soft. -Hazel

I use Sauve! -Frank

Okay, now we know what kind of shampoo Eagle Man uses... -Leo




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