Fairy Tail x Reader

This is my first fanfiction so please give me some slack.
You are Laxus's old childhood friend as well as an old friend of the guilds. You finally join the guild and are welcomed by many members that you have never met.


1. New Guild Member

I kicked open the doors to the guild. 
"This guild has a new member!" I yelled. 

I was wearing a black cloak with the hood down, as well as black jeans and converse.

"Hey (Y/N) so you're finally joining." Laxus said.

A boy with pink hair came running up to me, "Hey! I'm Natsu! I'm a fire dragon slayer!" 

"I'm (Y/N) and I'm an elemental dragon slayer." I proved it to him by lighting my finger on fire.

I met everyone in the guild with Laxus sticking close behind. 

"Hey (Y/N) how come you knew Laxus but not the rest of us?" Natsu asked. 

" 'Cause I knew (Y/N) when she was little." Laxus answered hugging me from behind protectively.

I didn't notice the glare Natsu gave Laxus but apparently Lucy did, " It's impolite to stare Natsu." 

It took all I had to not kill her when I first met her. She seems really snobby and useless plus I hate how she bosses people around. I walked away from Lucy and Gray started talking to me. We had just started talking about ice-magic when Laxus butted in. " (Y/N)? Where are you staying tonight?" 

"She's staying with me until she gets her own place." Kana answered.

"That's too bad, I would've let you stay at my place." Sting said with a wink. I didn't even know why he and Rogue were here if this wasn't their guild. 

"That would happen over my dead body." Gray muttered.

 I giggled and Juvia muttered, "Love Rival." 

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