Sons Love

Hi my name is Joshua Smith! My best friend Christina calls me Joshy. I am currently 22 and she is 19.


1. Best friend.

Hi my name is Joshua Smith. I am 22 years old. I am single. I have a girl best friend who currently I have a crush on. Her name is Christina Dice.

She is 19 years old. She only has a mother. Her father left her family at age 12. She has a older sister named Annabelle.

I was currently in my room texting Christina.

"Hey Josh, wanna come over? I haven't seen u in awhile! I MISS YOU. Love Christina" her text read. " sure" I said as I got up from my bed dragging me to my dresser and getting a red tank top and some grey shorts and black toms. I brush my hair over to my right side. I put on cologne. I grab my keys to my truck. I get a condom just incase. I get in my truck. I back out of my parking spot and drive off to her house. I saw a fimilar small White House. I parked next to her White Honda Accord. I get my stuff and knock. " Hey Joshy!" Christina whined. Some people call me Joshy especially her. We head to her room.

I sat on her bed and she sits on my lap looking into my eyes. I guess she has feelings for me too I like it! I push her off for a min and I went into the bathroom and put on a condom. I start heading out naked and I saw her laying in bed naked too. I get on top of her and starts to kiss her. She took her hand and got the condom off. I don't know why she did that but oh well. She positions me towards her mouth. ( I think you guys know what will happen next)

~next morning~

I wake up with her head on my chest. I quietly moved her head and got up and got my clothes on. I heard her get up. " huh? Where you going?" Christina asks me. " I'm just getting dressed" I said. Her parents arnt here for a week so that's good.

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