1. Insomniac

Why such despair?

They laughed they hurt…

They said you’d leave.

Cynical truth

Agony deep

Curled in sheets, befriended pillow.

Sobs and screams

Blessed pillow.

Shrink the sounds of a name, declared in sleep.

The meds don’t bring the buz.

Twist and turn the walls come on in

This acidic atmosphere, can consume

Silly one put to shame,

Frowned upon by many.

Silly one your too young.

Solitary, beautiful, bleack, forbidden.

Dread spreads a face

Sight casted down the stars no longer lully.

The birds dare not to hum.


Widened eyes of sweets, and

Scarlett lips

Piece of dear perfection.

Can smile and smile but be there greatest of criminals.

Black eyes but sly


The higher they are the harder they fall.

Brought down from paradise? No

Raised from the shadows.


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