Fight for the Title

All Victoria has wanted in her life is to sing. Also attend the most popular music school in the world. At the school, every year the deen, Simon Cowell, holds a competition called the X-Factor. When Victoria gets accepted into the school and put with a group of young hopefuls, she will be faced with an old friend and some tough competition. (@Victoria_Bails2)


1. A little About Me

All my life I have wanted to make music and make singing a career. Being able to use my voice for something other than talking has always made me happy. I've been singing since as long as I can remember. My mum has videos of me from when I was a baby and my first word was 'sing'. I also can play many different instruments. From the violin to the french horn. My mum says I'm 'musically gifted'. I can just agree with her. My dad is in the RAF or Royal Air Force in England. I've moved a lot. So music was the only thing I had. My friends call me 'lyric' and other normal nicknames. My dream is to make is big and be somebody.


Hi, I'm Victoria Bailes.

I have long milk chocolate hair. I'm around 5'7 and my hair goes a little past my boobs. I have deep navy blue eyes that change to blue gray sometimes. I love to eat, hang out with my friends, and participate just about anything that comes to music.  I'm not popular in school but, I have a lot of friends. I love pretty much everything and everyone but, if you piss me off or mess with one of my friends, I will be a complete bitch. I have common sense and I don't smoke weed, do drugs, or drink. Plus I don't go around having sex with every guy I see. Yeah you guessed it, I'm a virgin. And a proud one if I may add.

I'm sixteen years old and I'm from Brighton, England. But due to my dads work, I was forced to move to America in Virginia in Washington D.C. We moved when I was around seven and then we moved to Doncaster when I was ten and moved back to D.C. when I was about to turn sixteen. I loved Brighton. It's so quiet and peaceful. Here, all you see is people and hear loud noises. Plus, my dream school is in the heart of London. The Royal Academy of Music. 

Every year, the deen of the school hosts this singing competition called the X-Factor. It shows on live television and is watched by millions! The whole school and the world vote and the last group or artist wins. They have awesome levels and famous celebrities on there to perform and the students have to make a cover for it and they judge it. Then they can make up their own songs and their own set to perform it on. I haven't missed a season since I was eleven.

So that pretty much sums up who I am. 

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