Through thick and thin

He held my face, kissed me hard, and whispered, "Baby, you don't mean a thing."


1. Jerk

                Zayn's P.O.V

I roll off of the small girl under me. Her face is glistening from the sweat drenching her body.

"That was amazing." She wraps her arm around my chest trying to cuddle. I cant help but chuckle as I pull away and climb out of my bed.

"I think its time for you to leave." I begin to pick up her clothes that are scattered around the room.

"What? But we just... I dont understand." She pulls the sheet to her chest. "There's nothing to understand. We fucked. And now its time for you to leave."

A tear slips from the corner of her eye giving away how hurt she is. "Dont cry." I throw her clothes at her. "Its unattractive."

She stands swiftly throwing on her clothes. "Zayn Malik, you are the biggest jerk I have ever met. You are a heartless bastard and I cant wait for the day someone breaks your heart like you did mine." She storms out of the room slamming the door.

Damn that was a bit dramatic. Its not like I took her to some fancy restraunt and promised to marry her some day. I just got her drunk and gave her the best sex of her life.

After a quick shower I make my way back down the stairs to the living room. I cant help but spot two girls in a corner making out.

They both pull away panting and I cant help as my dark jeans get a bit tighter.

One girl catches me looking and I dont even make an effort to look away. At first I think she will role her eyes and walk the other way. But instead she grabs the girl again pulling her even closer then before.

Before I know what I am doing im at the side of the two girls. Once again my eyes connect with the blond haired girls.

"Hey." I say smoothly. She grabs my hand placing it on her breast before going back to kissing the other girl. Damn this is hot.

"What the fuck are you doing!" I look over to see a tall muscular guy come towards us. The two red cups in his hands hit the floor as he inches closer.

"What the fuck do you think your doing to my sister." He yells in my face. Instantly adrenalin starts pumping through my veins as my fist connects with his nose.

I don't even give him a second to defend himself as I smash my fist into his face repetitively. He gets in a few punches but doesnt do much damage.

"Hey get off of him you freak." The other girl trys to pull me off of him obviously failing.

Before I can tell what is happening something sharp collides with my face and my vision is blurred.

"What the fuck!" I yell as I hold my bleeding face. The girl who caught my attention kicked me in the face with her heal.

"Dont touch my brother." she yells in my face. Her eyes are bloodshot and she's obviously high on something other then weed.

I have half a thought to punch her in the face but I dont think I could ever hit a girl.

Instead I make my way outside trying to wipe the blood from my forehead. What a crazy bitch.

"Hey." A female voice yells from behind me. I ignore it in hopes it will go away. Its probably that phsyco bitch again.

"Hey!" Im pulled back by the shoulder to meet a pair of blue eyes. "What." I yell in her face in hopes she will back the fuck off. This girl obviously has no clue what personal space is.

She only flinches for a second before quickly recuperating. "Here. Let me help you." She puts her hand under my chin trying to guide my face towards her.

I quickly pull away and begin to walk off again. "I dont need your help." I dont need anyone's help.

Once again im pulled back by the shoulder. I turn swiftly getting in her face. Im several inches taller then her so im sure she is terrified by the this point.

"Back off before I beat the shit out of you." I expect her to go running but once again she stays. She looks intently into my eyes as if looking for something.

"You won't hurt me." Are you fucking kidding me? FUCK! She's so damn annoying. And persistent.

"Now sit down and let me help you." I open my mouth to tell her to fuck off but she puts a hand to my mouth silencing me. "Shut up and sit down."

I make my way to the stone wall and take a seat. Im only doing this because I know she will keep annoying me if I dont and I cant rip her to shreds.

"This might hurt, Hold still." I cant help but roll my eyes. she must think she's a fucking doctor or something.

In one swift movement she has her white shirt off and is standing in front of me in just a sports bra. My eyes rake up and down her chest.

She dabs the shirt against the corner of my head. Her eyes keep fluttering from my wound to my eyes.

"Please stop staring." She says uncomfortabley shifting. "Hey. Your the one who took off your shirt." Im a male and I see Tits. What did she expect me to do? Turn away in disgust?

"Fine. Ill just leave then." She turns around but only takes a step before I grab her arm. What am I doing?

"Wait ill stop." I tell her and take a seat once again. She turns back to me and begins to dab at the wound once again.

I dont realise I Am staring at her breast again until she pushes the cloth against my wound with most likely all her strength.

"Ouch fuck. What the hell." I yell at her smacking her hand away.

A smirk creeps up on her lips as she bring the cloth back to my head. "I told you stop staring." I let out a deep breath trying to keep my cool. This girl is gonna bring out the dick in me.

"Its done bleeding. But your gonna need  atleast 5 stitches." She steps out from between my legs and I stand.

"Fuck that. Im not getting stitches." I tell her. I dont have the money for that shit and I dont need it. So she can fuck off.

"You need stitches." She tells me. She is really getting on my nerves. "Im not getting stitches." "Your going to have a scar." She crosses her arms as if trying to be intimidating. "Who cares. Ive already got plenty."

Her eyes suddenly look down at my tattoo covored arms searching. "Whatever." She turns away to leave catching the attention of a guy leaning against his motorcycle.

"Hey." I yell to her. She turns around flipping her blonde hair back. I take the black shirt from my back and throw it to her.

At first she seems a bit startled but she catches the shirt and puts it on. "Thanks." She yells back before disappearing down the street. Who was that?

I walk back into the house getting lost in the crowd.

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