Is Education the key?

Im Matthew, im 16 years old and i have just finished my final GSCE. I want to share my opinion on, is education the key to success? Make sure you tell me your opinions.


1. My Thoughts.


I finished all my exams, been accepted into college, picked my courses. Time for a new Challenge I would say. I would like to reflect on my time at secondary school. This wont be about the social side but the education side of things. My own opinion on the Current Education system here in the UK, how I feel about and the things how i would change.

I'm going to get straight to the point, the grading system is just silly, I mean A* to U. its just like why do you need nine grades to determine how good someone is at one subject? wouldn't it be so much easier with just a "Pass" or Fail" because when you get say a D where does that leave you? my guess is in the middle, how can you say how good you are at a subject with a "Middle" grade. Now im not a A* student i am far from it, so you could be thinking im trying to make it easier for myself, which is not true. im trying to make it simple for everyone. I believe it would be so much easier "Yes you passed" or "No you failed"


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