Hi my name is Sarah Comlet. I know my last name sounds weird, doesn't it sound weird?

I am 16 years old. I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers.


1. Loved

Sarah's PROV

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. My current ringtone is Story of my life by 1D. Yes I am a directioner. I picked my phone up and saw that my boyfriend was calling me.

"Hey babe" I said

"Hey babe. Can I come over?" Christian said.

Christian is my boyfriend we been together since 2012. 2 years.

"Sure babe" I said

"Ok I will be over in 20 mins. " Christian said.

"Ok" I said

As we hung up. I got out of my pjs and got my clothes. I heard a car pull up I looked out the window and saw Christian an his lil sister, Jasmine pull up. I got on my shirt and pants and my blue converse. I went up to the door and opened it and ran to my boyfriend and hugged him. He didn't hug back. He looked sad.

"Come in" I said. I let them in. Jasmine looked sad too.

"What's wrong" I said.

"It's my m-mother" Christian Said.

"Aww babe it'll be ok. She will be missed" I said hugging him and jasmine.

Christians prov

I am at my girlfriends house because me and jasmines mom died of cancer.

"Aww babe it'll be ok" Sarah say and hugged me and Jasmine.

I was soo sad.

"Veronica, Leeann! Come down here please" Sarah says.

Veronica and Leeann is Sarah's sisters.

Jasmine and Veronica and Leeann went to the play room to play while I sat down with Sarah cuddling here. I kissed Sarah's forehead as she fell asleep.

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