Amanda has a terrible life, she gets bullied in school and abused at home.... read to find out more


1. life in hell...


A/N sorry for any spelling mistakes and so on, i am danish so i am not pro, but i am doing my very best.

ALSO  credit to the author of "cyber louis" that inspired meto write the story, so i know it is not fully my idea, but just putting that out there. also i am not copying the story, but just writing the same kind of story with cyber louis as inspiration. 






Introducing Amanda: she is 17 years old, she is about 1,60 cm tall, she has medium long brown wavy hair, brown eyes, she wears no makeup, she used to be a happy outgoing person.... But since she started high school she got quiet, started to get bullied and was abused at home. The only friend she has is someone she is chatting with on the internet, she does not know his name though! 


amandas's pov:

I walk into my house as quite as i can, trying not to make my parents hear me. Sucessfully i get into my room without making a sound. As soon as i get into my room i turn on my computer and go to the chat site where i met "mysterymisterlou" last week. We have been chatting every day, and i may sound silly but i really trust him. I have even told him about me being bullied in school and being abused by mom and dad. 

i see "mysterymisterlou" is online and emideatly send a message to him. 


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