Dont forget..

clara is that one girl who had everything: a caring family, great school, she was rich and she had that one best friend. they were inseparable , but one day when....


1. chapter 1


I am in my room on my laptop, just checking up on facebook and twitter. I'm waiting impatiently for my best friend niall to show up. As usual he is like one hour late, and i sit there bored to death, while waiting fo him.  

Suddenly i hear a door slam (hardly may i add) and someone yell "CLARABOOOO". I storm out of my room while screaming "NIALLER", i run so fast i cant stop and bumb right in to him, and suddenly we are both on the floor laughing our heads of. 



N: i have missed you so much bestfriend. he says while handing me his hand so i could get up. 

C: i have missed you too bestfriend! 

We have this wierd thing bycalling each other bestfriend instead of other names, dont ask me why we have just allways done it. 

When we are standing up again he pulled me in for a hug. It is one of those hugs that would crush you and make it impossible to breathe, and i can barely speak.  

C: Need..... air.... cant..... breathe.... 

N: hey sorry, have just missed you, ya know. He says while smirkng, meaning he have something in mind. It doesn't  sound good to me though... 

C: umm what are you thinking of? 

N: oh nothing just....... TICKLEWAARR!!!! And within seconds i am on the floor while he is tickleing me. I am screaming ad laughing so hard that i get hickups, and he knew it would happen. 

After that he sits up with a satisfied grin on his face, while i am pouting and sitting in the other end of the livingroom as far away from him as possible. 





hey everyone, i hope you like the first chapter, i am not that good at writing i know that, but i am doing my wery best! there will be more soon, i think.. i will not update on exact days or dates, but when i get the time, but right now i am on summervacations, so i will do my best to update. 

see you

-niallersgurl x 


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