Can I Make You Cry?

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Can I make you cry? Read about your favorite couples being torn apart! Favorite characters and their horrible deaths! Some even based on my own personal dreams!
Mortal Instruments!
Percy Jackson!
Harry Potter!
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1. BREAKUP ONE: Percy Jackson

Percy ran as quickly as he could with Annabeth steps ahead. The bull charged unexpectedly and rammed into Annabeth, who'd ran as quickly as she could to escape the attack but to no avail. She fell to the ground and didn't move. 
      "Annabeth!" Percy cried. He charged after the bull and stuck Riptide in its side. It fell to the ground and was disposed of like most monsters. Percy, who's sudden adrenaline rush had faded, stumbled to Annabeth's side. She wasn't moving. 
     Percy panicked-he chest didn't move. He thought he was going to have a panic attack until Annabeth coughed up blood and attempted to sit up. Unfortunately, she fell back. A large red area stained her shirt. Awkwardly, he lifted it and stared dumbfounded at the large gash in her side. The bull had stuck its stupid horns into her rib cage. He almost puked at the sight of the bone. Annabeth cried out repeatedly. 
      "Percy..." She groaned as he attempted feeding her some ambrosia. 
      "Shh," he coaxed her. Her eyes closed in sleep, but Percy knew it wasn't that peaceful. As he sat and looked for a place to send an Iris message to camp, because he was well out of ambrosia, he heard Annabeth moaning in her sleep. He turned to look at her red streaked blonde curls, her wrinkled nose. And the hardly helped gash in her side. Silence.
     "PERCY!" Annabeth screamed with all the strength she had in her body.
     "Calm down, Wise Girl," he said, leaning down to her. He took off his shirt and tied it around her waist.
     "P..Per...I..." She moaned. Percy's heart ached at the agonizing, piercing scream she let out as he picked her up easily. He then proceeded to find the borderline. He wasn't just going to leave Annabeth there.
     "Percy!" He heard Chiron's voice as the centaur trotted over. "What's happened?"
     "No time. Help," he said, and as softly as they could they transported Annabeth on Chiron's back. She wailed in pain as Chiron raced for the infirmary. Percy followed, not wanting to leave her side. But Chiron was too fast, and he beat him there. 
     "A couple ribs broken. Lots of blood lost. We need to act fast. This won't be pretty, Percy, I suggest you leave," Chiron said. Softly, Percy kissed Annabeth atop the head and she silenced her groans in her fighting sleep. He eased out the room as instructed-he wasn't interested in seeing the operation, anyway. He'd almost wet himself when he saw the gash.
     He sat outside the infirmary, torturing himself by listening to Annabeth's pained shrieks. But he needed to know she was still breathing.
     He looked at himself-and realized he'd been shirt less this whole time. His hands were covered in Annabeth's dried blood, as were his pants and his chest were he'd held her against him. He sighed. He thought, this might take a while. He got up and ran quickly to shower and change. 
      He came back and the Big House was crowded with campers. It looked like the whole camp was there. He noticed the lack of screams, and thought Annabeth might have finally bee treated. Weaving through the crowd, he stopped at the front where Rachel was speaking with Mr. D and Chiron. They looked distressed.
     He stood in front of them, and Rachel noticed him. Her face was red and puffy. Percy's heart raced. 
     "Is Annabeth's side better?" He asked. Chiron gave him a melancholy look.
     "Percy, my boy...I'm afraid Annabeth lost too much blood."
     Rachel was tired of beating around the bush. "She hasn't got a chance Percy. She's going to die."
     He stood, staring at them in disbelief. Instead of his heart racing, it had stopped. He felt his eyes heat up. Her pushed past them and ran to the infirmary. He saw a figure huddled over Annabeth.
     "Percy," Thalia said, her lieutenant's hair clip shining in the darkness. In the dim light he saw her red face, which was streaming with tears. Percy fell to Annabeth's bedside, and  Thalia backed away. He saw her gray eyes, still open. Her chest moved slowly.
     "Annabeth, no, no," he gasped. 
     "Percy," Annabeth said in a soft, beautiful voice. 
     "Annabeth, you can't die, I won't let you," he said, his voice shaking. "Please." He looked worse than Thalia. But he wouldn't let himself cry. He wasn't about to cry over something that wasn't. Going to. Happen.
     "I love you Seaweed Brain," Annabeth managed. Percy pulled her limp head to him, kissing her until she fell, her neck nestled in Percy's shaking arms. He lay her head on the pillow. Her eyes were closed. Percy just stared, his eyes wide with terror. His body shook all over. He didn't know what to do anymore. He felt empty and she'd been dead two seconds.
     Thalia wailed. She fell onto Percy, her body trembling. He felt like comforting her, but he didn't. He just let her cry on his shoulder, staring at Annabeth like he was watching his entire life was being torn apart, as his expression showed and his heart felt. He was watching his world burn.
     Chiron walked in. A woman stood at his side, her dark hair glistening. Her gray eyes swirled. Thalia ran off, realizing Annabeth's mother probably wanted privacy. But Percy was too zoned out to think about it. His hand held onto Annabeth's lifeless one. He closed his eyes in pain.
     "Percy," Athena acknowledged him. Her eyes were full of sadness. Although it was quite disrespectful to ignore a goddess, Percy didn't move or open his eyes.
    He heard Athena mumble a blessing in Ancient Greek. She kissed Annabeth on the head. 
     Percy couldn't take it anymore. Hiding his red face, he stood and raced out of the room. He ran and ran, past the grief-stricken Athena cabin. He darted last the cabins Annabeth had designed. He found himself in the dark woods, and the moment he sat down he fell asleep.
     He awoke as Nico arrived. The sun was starting to rise but the woods were still dark. 
     "Percy, don't go crazy like I did," he said. "Please. I know what if feels like to loose someone who means so much to you. You don't need to turn into a death omen."
     "Thanks, Nico. Some of that last part would be useful if my dad was the Lord of the Dead, though," said Percy. 
     After a lot of attempts, Nico finally got Percy to go back. He led him through the woods and to the center of camp. The shroud of Athena caught Percy's eye. He stumbled back. He felt dizzy and lightheaded. Nico, even though he was thirteen and Percy was towering over him at seventeen, caught him. He told himself this was all a bad dream, or a horrible nightmare. But no matter how many times he pinched himself he didn't wake up. 
     His breathing sped up as Thalia approached. Her face was covered in tears. 
     "Are you okay, Percy?" She asked. Percy's eyes were wide in such a manner of terror it made Thalia worry he was going to join Annabeth.
     Percy couldn't hear Thalia over the sound of his heart being ripped out, stomped on by a million people, cut open and stuffed with darkness, and stuffed back inside. As this happened, he noticed Mr. Chase standing next to the shroud, his wife and Annabeth's half brothers next to him. The boys were sad, Annabeth's stepmother was crying, and her father was staring at the shroud like he wanted it to disappear.
     Percy couldn't stand it. He ran off, not in any particular direction. To be honest, he didn't actually realize he was trapping himself on the beach. Turning around to make sure Thalia hadn't followed him, he ran past the sand bar and down, down and deeper into the ocean. 
     He took a deep breath and cursed. He didn't want to breathe. He tried to stop, but he couldn't drown himself no matter how hard he tried. 
     He looked at a rock to his right. Engraved in it was a heart. PJ & AC, it read. Percy stared at it hard, and it exploded into pieces, floating up to the surface where Percy saw someone on a canoe. He found himself swimming to the top, and he peered into the canoe. It was a girl with blonde curls, and welcoming gray eyes.
     "Bye, Percy," she said. Percy swam as quickly ad he could towards the canoe, but when he got there it was empty. The only thing in it was a dirty Yankees cap.


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