Irish Luck

Do you believe in luck? Or miracles? Or fate? Verity O'Rea does but maybe that is what brings her and the farm boy together. Set before one direction were together.
Hope you enjoy!!


1. The Postcard

My name is Verity O'Rea and I live in London with my Mum, she's really protective and I'm have a private tutor because she doesn't want me to go outside. I get really lonely at home in my room, I'm not even aloud on the Internet but that was about to change.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, it was 8:00AM, I got out of bed and walked over to my closet and picked out some skinny jeans and a baggy crop top which read: GEEK. I curled my blonde hair then tied it in a long, tight pony tail. 

"Verity?" Called my Mum from downstairs. "There's a postcard for you."

Her voice sounded almost sad so I rushed down stairs to see what it said.

"Who's it from?" I asked.

"Read it." She replied, handing over the postcard.

"Dear Verity," I read aloud. "I know we haven't seen each other since I left but I think it's about time you visited me in Ireland. You're old enough to travel alone and when you get to Ireland you can stay with me at my farm, don't worry you'll love it! I would understand if you don't want to come but I hope you will, call me if you do. Lots of love: Dad xxxx."

"Do you want to go?" My mum asked.

"I don't know," I said. "What will you do if I go?"

I had never thought about leaving her even just for a week or so, we were both so used to our daily routine together.

"I'll be fine." She said. "Gran can stay in your bedroom while you're gone and we can keep each other company."

"I'll go." I replied.

I really wanted to see my dad and it would be amazing to be able to go outside and meet people and have fun not that I didn't like living with my mum but Ireland would be awesome!


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