Warrior Cats ~ The Lost Clan

This is my Warrior Cats fan-fiction, based off of the series by Erin Hunter. I hope you all will read, comment and enjoy my new fan-fiction book I'll be writing.

This is based off of a clan being found after they have separated and one has a dream to reunite the clan. Will she manage to reunite her fellow clanmates or will she fail and all end in darkness and shadows?


1. Prologue

In the forest, a young calico colored American Curl she-cat sat under a tree. The other night she had had the strangest dream, a tabby, with stars in his fur, had come and visited her in her sleep. He said she needed to bring the clan together again, but what clan? Ivy wondered silently as she stood up and padded into the forest. Her curled ears flicking for any signs of prey as she silently padded through the undergrowth. Ivy heard sounds of small paws pattering the ground and she crouch, her fur blending in the dappled shadows of the forest. She crept forward, silent and deadly as she made her way towards a mouse. She wriggled her hindquarters and leaped at her prey and lifted her head with a limp mouse hanging from her jaws. 

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