Short stories!

Here is a collection of short stories I have written :D if you have a story request or want to write something together, make a comment :)
Write on! My lovelies.


1. You're my help...

*trigger warning*


"Hey! It's nice to meet you. I guess we're partners, do you know anything about writing a chemistry report, hmm?"

"I guess, though if I did I wouldn't have had to repeat this course again,"

"Oh, well I know a bit, I suppose we can help each other out. I'm Levi,"


"You're meant to shake my hand, but it's fine, doesn't matter. What's you're name?"

"It's easier if you don't treat me as you're friend,"



"Wow, they really push to your limit in sports class, don't they? Haha, I'm sweating like a pig here,"

"Why are you at my table?"

"Oh, I just though we could sit together, ya know. I know you said you'd rather not be friends but I recently moved here and you're the first person I've talked to actually,"

"And that's my problem how?"

"Umm. I-I suppose it's not. I'm sorry I bothered you, there's a free spot over there. Umm, bye,"




"Are you even listening to me? I can't do all of this ya know, you're apart of this assignment too,"

"Thank you for clueing me into that golden piece of info, I will cherish it,"

"Dude, why ya gotta be such a dick. I'm trying to be nice here and yet this is what I get,"

"Look, I didn't ask you to be my friend. I don't even know why you keep trying,"

"Because, I thought you needed a friend,"

"How would you know what I need,"



"It's a bit surreal to be actually invited to sit with you. Geez, you acted like you hated me,"

"I don't hate you, I just hate the way you can be so happy all the time,"

"Ha. I guess I am aren't i? Well, you'll just have to put up with it now. Won't you,"

"What have I done..."

"Haha, quiet you,"

"I'm always quiet,"



"You got a girlfriend?"


"Me neither,"

"Their gender turns me off,"



"Dude! You'll never guess what's happened. I got an A freaking plus dude, on my English essay. Ya know the one I thought I was gonna fail,"

"I remember, good job,"

"Shit dude, I think that's the nicest thing you've said to me in the last month. Haha, today is turning out to be an awesome day,"

"I think you're sunny personality is rubbing off on me. We can't be friends any more,"

"So you admit we are friends?"

"Shut up,"



"You remember Alexis?"

"That blonde?"

"Yeah, well I asked her out today at lunch,"

"Oh, what did she say?"

"Can you believe it, she said yes! Boo yeah!"


"What's that supposed to mean, don't sound so bloody upset, geez. It's my first girlfriend dude, this is a happy moment,"

"Maybe for you,"



"Bro, I want to introduce you to Alexis. I'm psyched that you two finally get to meet. This is my best bud, baby,"

"I'm busy right now Levi. Talk to me later, ok?"

"But hey, can't I just take a few minutes of your day. I've been waiting for you to meet her all week. Stop canceling on me dude,"

"I don't really have an interest in meeting your bimbo,"

"Hey! You can't just walk away, say sorry! You bastard!"

"Go away..."



"You're an asshole, ya know,"

"Why are you still talking to me?"

"Because I'm still you friend, dude. You're my best friend, even though you can annoy the shit out of me sometimes,"

"You can annoy me too, ya know,"

"I guess we're the perfect match for each other then, haha,"

"How I wish that were true,"



"Why are you always so tired, yet you go to bed so late,"

"I have my reasons, you wouldn't understand,"

"Try me,"

"It takes a lot of effort to pretend everyday, yet when you're alone it's so hard to switch off the thoughts that circle around your head,"

"I'm not sure I understand,"

"That's what I thought. I'm my own hostage is all I can say,"



"David said he seen you today,"


"In a shoe store or something. I have no idea,"

"He was sure it was me?"

"Yes, he was pretty adamant. He said you were sitting as still as a statue, staring off into space. What was going through your head?"

"I guess you could say I got to switch off for a moment,"



"You finished your part of the assignment yet?"


"Geez, it's due tomorrow. How much have you done, please tell me you're almost done?"


"Crap, you've had ages to do it, why did you leave it to the last minute,"

"The same reason I find it hard to finish this conversation,"

"What's that supposed to mean? Hey?"

"It's just pointless,"



"You haven't been answering my calls, are you alright?"

"As fine as I can be I guess,"

"Is that all you can say, speak in a riddle then act all dramatic. Do you just want attention or something?"

"Yes, because my reason to live is to gain attention,"

"God, I don't know why I try with you anymore. These conversations are all one sided lately,"

"I'm sure I'll survive without you, you can give up on me ya know. Even I want to give up on me,"



"Hey, it's me. Levi, though I'm sure you know that. Ha... I know it's been a couple of weeks since we talked, I've been quite busy lately but I just wanted to see if you were alright,"

You haven't showed up to any classes lately, and to be frank I'm worried. I thought over our conversation from the last time we talked. I want you to know I haven't given up on you and you shouldn't either,"

Well, give me a call back, please. I want to hear your voice. Bye,"





"Yes, speaking,"

"I made a mistake,"

"Sorry, who is this,"

"It hurts,"

"Brian? Is that you? What's happened,"

"It won't stop... I-I shouldn't have done it. Oh god, h-help me, please. I'm sorry,"

"Brian! Brian, buddy keep talking. Now's not the time to go silent on me. I'm getting my keys, I'll be there in a minute and we'll call for help,"

"You are my help,"



"Brian, where are you! I'm calling an ambulance,"

"Levi? I-I'm in the bathroom,"

"Oh god Brian. Why? What made you do this to yourself,"

"I just wanted the pain to go away. It just made it worse,"

"Don't worry, help will be here soon. Oh no, there's so much blood. Brian! Keep you eyes open for me buddy!"

"I'll try. For you,"

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