Never... Stop...Wondering...

When will you see the world as it is not.


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   I am different from everyone else. I walk up the stairs and I just think gravity fights to its job. To keep us on the ground. But isn't that what life about do your job keep yourself grounded?Me I believe that great minds soar in the clouds. Greater minds soar threw the stars. No one will this secret side of me.  Nor will they understand. I always have my head in the clouds. Will I come down no.


  "Bailee!" I heard my mother yelling from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and took my meds. I have to take them or I will pass out in the middle of the road, because my heart is weak. Ever since I was 7 I  was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Its not very fun because my mom pulled me out as soon as I was diagnosed. That was 7 years ago, doing online courses goes faster than going to school. So now I am at my 4th year of college. 

 "Bailee! Now young lady." My mom yelled at me, again. I walked out of my room and went to the car. A few minutes later my mom walked to the car and started it. A weekly routine, we leave, I put my head on the window, my mom tries to make a conversation, I get to my group and then I leave

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