New Girl In Town

Bethany has recently had to move to Birmingham because her dad has a new job. She is not very happy that she had to move. She is a massive One Direction fan. She is a massive Niall's girl. One Direction are on tour in Birmingham and Bethany bumps into Niall in Starbucks..


1. New Girl In Twon

It is a sunny day, and Bethany is unloading a moving van. Bethany has moved to Birmingham because her father has a new job. She is not very happy with having to move. Bethany has long brown hair and grass green eyes.

"Why did we have to move?" Bethany asks her father.

Bethany's father stops what he's doing and looks at her,

"You know why" he answers. He then continues doing what he was doing.

Bethany grabs a couple of boxes and takes them up to her room. She places the boxes into the corner of the room and then lays down on her bed. She takes her phone out of her pocket and has a look at her twitter. She sees that One Direction has tweeted

"So excited to come to Birmingham tomorrow"

She chucks her phone on the bed and runs out to her father and says

"Daddy you know you love me loads" she looks at him with a massive smile on her face

"What do you want now?" He asks. He stops what he is doing again

"Can I have One Di..." She starts saying but her dad interrupts her

"No and if u ask me again I will take your phone off you" he says and continues doing what he was doing.

She goes back up Into her room and checks her twitter again. After a while she starts to unpack the boxes. After she finishes unpacking she goes to sleep.

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