Drummer Girl?

All Paytons friend wanted her to do was try out to be their new drummer. So she does just that. But when she gets there and they tell her she can't try out because she is a girl, what lengths will Payton go to prove everyone wrong. Find out all the twists and turns she will go trough just to be excepted. Will she find love on the way or will she find out they are all rude sexist jerks. Find out in Drummer Girl?.


1. Bad news and slightly better news

Payton's POV

     "PAYTON" Ur why can't I just play m,y drums in peace

     "What"I yelled back.

     "Come upstairs please" Oh come on. I trudged upstairs. Once I got upstairs I saw my mom and dad with.....suitcase?

     "Um...mom,dad what is going on and why do you guys have suitcases."

     "Well..." Oh no she's trailing off. Something seriously horrible is going to come out of her mouth. " You're father and I are going to America for 2 years." What?!They can't be leaving to a different country. And definitely not for two years, she has to joking with me. I'm only 15 and I don't have a job so... Most teenagers would love to have their house for themselves for 2 years, but not me. I hate even the thought of being alone.

     " You will have to get a job by next month. We have stoked the fridge that will last for about a month and we also payed the cable, water,heat, electricity and rent for the time being we are gone. But you will have to pay for groceries on your own." Wow this is a lot to take in at once right now.

     " You couldn't tell me this earlier so I could have gotten a job sooner or at least start looking for a job. Plus I'm only 15 for goodness sake.Why couldn't this news come to me sooner."

     " Look sweetheart this news just came to us this morning in the mail so we didn't know until this morning either. But remember we love you sweetie and right now we have to go and catch our flight." And with that they both gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. This is going to be a long 2 years. I sighed loudly. I put on my unicorn onesie and turned the T.V on and switched it on to Sponge Bob. Hey, don't judge I love my onesie like it's my own child and Sponge Bob is a good show for humans of all ages. I started screaming part of the theme song along with the T.V. " SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS, SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS. SPONGY BOB SQUARE PANTS. HAHAHAHA. DODITY DODITY DO."


     I'm too lazy to get up but I still got up. The caller I.D said Lindsey. YA. "Hello"

     "Ahh. OMFG. One Direction need a drummer and you're the only person who I now who can play drums with awesomeness so can you pretty pretty please try out. Please for me. I will make it up to you. I swear on my little sisters life." Wow she must be serious because she just swore on Emily's life. Know I can't even argue to say no.

     " Uh fine. But you know I don't even like there band so just because i'm doing this doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy it except the drumming part."I can't believe I just agreed to do this.

     "Really!! Oh My Gosh, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,Thank You so much. I will make this up to you I promise. I PROMISE. Be sure you know how to play She Looks So Perfect by 5:00 P.M tomarro, that is when I am going to pick you up. Bye." Oh come on. How does she expect me to learn this new song in less than a day. Well i better get working on it. What is up today with people and short notice on news. Jeez.


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