The Little Girl Who Lost Her Mummy

This is a creepy one, based on "Doctor Who" by the BBC.
Gonna write a romance next


1. Mummy?

“IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS!” I shouted at him, tears rolling down my cheeks, he looked down at me, “WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER…FOR EVER!” I wanted to hit him but I couldn’t, I was still in love with him, but he no longer to me.
“I’m sorry, it’s just…” He trailed of.
“When?” I asked, my cheeks wet, my throat sore, my eyes raw and red.
“What?” He asked, looking up from his shoes.
“When did you fall out of love with me?” I asked him, “Actually…I don’t want to know, please just, just go, I’ll send your things in the morning.
“GET OUT!” I screamed, he left, slamming the door and cursing under his breath. I cried myself to sleep, then I cried when I woke up, then I sobbed when I ran out of tears. The phone had rang eight times bit I didn’t answer it, I knew it was him, if only I had picked up the phone. Maybe things would have been different.
“Hey, this is Joe and Kate, leave a message!” The phone rang and I cried with tears I didn’t know I had.
“Hey honey, please…it’s your mum, she’s in hospital, she has just had a fracture or something in her leg, please just answer the phone, I love you…bye” My dad’s voice rang in my head, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till it was night, I laid in bed for an hour, thinking about me and Joe, I got up and made a sandwich, I was dressed in Joes shirt, his favourite shirt, I cried as I ate, how was it possible to cry so much.
Three days later I walked out of my flat and went to visit my mum and dad, I rang the bell and after three rings my dad opened the door, his eyes were red and his cheeks were wet.
“Dad what’s wrong?” I said hugging him.
“Why didn’t you call?” He asked, pushing me away.
“Me and Joe broke up…what’s wrong?
“It’s Rose…” he stopped, “Shes…shes-“
I cried more that day then I have ever in my life.



Hey guys, hope you like it, hoping to update by Monday :)

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