Unpredictable, loveable boys

Ash-lee is the niece of the one and only vine famous Alx James, when Alx takes ash-lee to magcon will she fall in love? Or be heart broken and fall for someone else?


1. meeting the boys

Hi my name is Ash-lee, I have long blonde hair with blue dyed tips at the end. I have deep blue eyes and a smile most people would die for, I brush my teeth 3 times a day because I can't stand having nasty breath. My uncle Alx is my best friend, yes the Alx James is my uncle. He actually is going to magcon this week and he is taking me with him!! I'm going to meet Nash, hays, Cameron, Shawn, and all the other boys. But I'm most excited to meet Taylor! He is my favorite of the boys. He is a lot like me in many ways, we both wear bandanas a lot. Even my uncle is trying to hook us up!

Today is the day of magcon! We have a whole week of magcon events! As I walk into the hotel Alx walks up to the desk and I follow. The lady looks up and rolls her eyes and hands him the keys. Alx has a shocked expression on his face and I just know what's going to happen next. He reaches into his bag and pulls out the famous pompom pencil. "Bitch ya not special" he says as he hits her in the forehead. I bust out laughing as we walk up to our room. As I was trying to figure out how to use the key I hear a door open and some whistles. I turn around to see Nash, Cameron, and Taylor. I stood there shocked. "Umm hi I'm Ash-lee, call me Ash for short" I shook their hands. Wow smooth I thought. I was snapped out of though when I hear whispers coming from Nash and Taylor. "Bro that ass tho" said Taylor and I blushed and turned around to walk into my room. "Nice meeting you boys I'll see you around?" "Umm how about we see you later and just completely hang out now?" Said Nash. "Oh umm okay, come in ill just quickly hang up some clothes and we can go" as the walked in I could feel them staring an me as I walked. I set my suitcase on my bed and hung up some clothes quickly. "So umm what are we doing?" I asked "we'll we were actually on our way down to go swimming if you would like to join" Cam asked. "Uhh yeah sure I'll just text my uncle Alx and let him know" "WAIT YOU'RE ALX'S NIECE" Taylor yelled. "Ehh yeah?" "Wow he never told us you were hot, he just said hands off" Taylor frowned. My cheeks turned a deep red. "Umm I'm going to get changed then we will be in our way" I grabbed my baby blue bikini and went to the bathroom to change, I walked out holding the from of my top in place. "Umm can someone tie this please?" As I turned around I quickly felt warm hands on my back. "There you go" said Taylor. "Umm we are going to go change" Nash and Cam said. "Okay" Taylor and I said together. As they left I heard a voice "hello?" Taylor said as he waved his hand in front of my face "yeah?" "I asked if you could put this sunscreen on my back." "Oh sorry, yeah" as I squeezed the bottle of sunscreen the liquid fills my hands. As I softly massage it into the skin on his back I can hear him softly moan. "Umm you okay?" I ask laughing "uhh yeah it just felt really good, okay your turn" he said awkwardly. As I turn around I feel the coolness of the sunscreen on my back followed by the warmth of his hands. His hands were huge compared to my back. As his hands glided across the small of my back I shivered hoping he wouldn't notice. "Are you cold?" He laughed "yeah a little" I said trying to cover it up. Unexpectedly he pulls me into a hug. I soon feel the warmth of his bare skin on mine. I nuzzle my head into the crook of his neck taking in his sent. We stood there for a little bit until I finally spoke up, "we should get down to the pool the boys are probably waiting on us" "oh yeah, let's um let's go" as we walked to the elevator I feel a sunned electric shock on my hand, as I look down I can see the Taylor has taken his hand in mine and is smiling from ear to ear. As we carry on a conversation on the way down to the pool and old lady walks past us. We look at each other thinking the same thing. All of a sudden we both yell "COCK" and run as fast as we can towards the pool. When we get there everyone else is already there. As I unwrap my towel from around my body I feel eyes on me. Everyone is looking at me. "What is there something on my face?" Everyone just shook their heads and went back to what they were doing. I shrugged my shoulders and went up behind Taylor who was standing on the edge of the pool talking to Shawn when I pushed him in. He came up swinging but when he realized it was me he calmed down and started laughing. "Alright that was funny and we have had our laugh now help me out" he said as I reached my hand out to help him he grabbed it and pulled me in. As I came up from the water in shock everyone started laughing. I splashed him and it suddenly turned into a splashing war. After a little while everyone joined in. The splash fight soon ended and it was time for a tan. As I put tan lotion on my legs, arms, and stomach I could feel Taylor's eyes on me. I turned to look and him and winked. He walked over and offered to help me with my back. "You know you're pretty hot when you are bent over putting on lotion" he said I blushed and stood there. Once he finished and I turned around he smiled "all done gorgeous" I smiled and he kissed the tip of my nose. After about an hour and a half of tanning I decided it was time for dinner. "Hey guys I'm going up to change and take a shower then go out to get something to eat, anyone want to come?" Most of the boys said no but Nash, Cameron, Hays, and Taylor came along. I took a quick shower and changed and we were on our way. As we pulled up to the closest Mc Donald's I thought of my uncle Alx and got him something. As I drove back to the hotel the song 'she looks so perfect' by 5 seconds of summer came on. As I sang along the boys listened. As I look over I can see Taylor is vining me "ARE YOU VINING ME YOU TURD!?" I asked and the laughed and posted the vine, a few seconds later I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out as I see that the had tagged me in it. I rolled my eyes and locked my phone as we pulled up to the hotel. "You guys want to watch a movie?" Asked Hays "yeah sure I'll just take my uncle his food and be right back" "I'm going to go with her, see ya guys in a few" said Taylor. As we walked I felt his hand on the small of my back. I knocked on my uncles door, and he opened it he smiled and engulfed me in a hug "now you my niece are special" I laughed as he rubbed my head and I said goodnight. As Taylor and I talked on our way back to the room we stopped. As he looked into my eyes I knew what was going to happen next. He leaned in and I could feel his breath on my lips. I leaned in the rest of the way and our lips connected. As he licked my bottom lip asking for an entrance I gladly accepted. His hands on my waist and my hands in his hair. He lifted me up and pushed me against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his waist he held my bum making sure I didn't slip from his grasp. I suddenly head someone clear their throat. We break the heated make out session and look over to where the hear the voice. As we turn out heads we see the boys taking pictures. My cheeks flush a dark red as I get down from Taylor's grasp. "Sorry for breaking up your little umm make out session but your foods getting cold and we want to start the movie" laughs Nash. Oh shut up asshole I laugh as I walk into the room, grab my food and sit down to watch the movie. Soon the other boys join my and we start the movie Nash was sitting in the chair across from me and I had a lot of fries left that I didn't want. I had a good idea. I threw I fry and Nash and quickly looked away to make it seem like it wasn't me. Out of the corner of my eye I see Nash flinch and look and me and Cameron sitting on the couch. He threw it back and it his Cameron in the face! I started to giggle and threw a few more at him and soon enough we were having a food fight. As I was running away from Shawn who had a thing of ranch I ran into someone and fell. I look up to see Taylor. I smile up at him and he smiles back and helps me up. Not realizing that Shawn was behind me the next thing I know I have ranch all in my hair. "Aww guys that's not fair!" I whined. They all laughed and I stuck out my tongue. "I'm going to take ANOTHER shower and get ready for bed, we have a big day tomorrow! As I walked into my room I hop into the shower and was all of the ranch out of my hair. As I dry my body I hear a knock on the door. I wrap my towel around my body and open the door to a very sleepy looking Taylor. "I can't sleep, I wanna snuggle" he whines. I laugh and let him in. As I go the the bathroom to get changed I hear him crawling in my bed. I put on clothes and brush my teeth. I walk out of the bathroom and into the bathroom making sure to turn off the lights as I walk through every room. I see Taylor asleep on my bed. As I crawl in bed on the opposite side I turn off the lamp and yawn. I close my eyes and suddenly feel two strong arms wrapped around me. I turn around to see him smiling. I nuzzle my face into his bare chest and slowly fall into a dreaming sleep..

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