My love life

Hi my name is Skylar. Some people call me Sky. I am 15 years old. Suddenly I found my boyfriend kissing another girl.
Will skylar break up with Jake or will Jake Break up with Skylar just to be with his new girlfriend? Read for who will breakup first.


1. Finding Out

Skylars Prov

I was woken up by noise. I heard moaning and looked to my boyfriends side and he wasn't there. I got up and got my clothes on. I walked downstairs to clothes on the ground. "Babe why is there girl clothes on the ground that arnt mine" I yelled. No answer. I still heard moaning. I went to the living room. Nope I don't see anyone. Maybe in the guest bedroom. I walked back upstairs and peeked in the guest room. I quickly closed it and started crying. I ran into my room or should I say Jakes room. I started packing all my clothes. I got all my stuff in the bathroom. I grabbed a picture of me and Jake and broke it into pieces. I was soo mad. I grabbed my phone and texted my mom a sad face.

"What's wrong" my mom texted me back

"Jake" I said

"What did he do? Call me" my mom said

I called my mom as I got in my car.

Jake's Prov

I heard crying and I didn't want to stop having "it" with Selena. Skylar wouldn't do this with me. I wanted to so bad but she said no. So I figured why not have it once with a random girl.

"I have to go to the bathroom" I lied to Selena.

" ok sexy baby" she said.

I looked in the bedroom and all of Skylars stuff is gone. Even the picture of us is broken.

" Skylar baby" I said trying not to yell soo loud cause of Selena. Selena thinks I'm her boyfriend. No answer I looked outside and her car is gone. I felt my phone vibrate.

"Hey Jake it's Skylar. I heard moaning and I peeked in the guest bedroom and saw u and another girl having "it" I'm very sorry but we are through! Go have fun with that chick u got there! And don't bother texting me back. I know you will forget me! Love Skylar"

I cried soo hard. I went back to see Selena sleeping. I went downstairs crying! Why did I do this!? I shouldn't of! I should of Waited till Skylar wanted kids. But I lost her. I wanted to text her back but I seen the words "don't bother texting me back" so I didn't bother. " BABY COME HERE!" I hear Selena. I went to Selena and saw her waiting for me to continue 'it'.

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