Alex And Bell

I know that she loved him with all her heart, but dismiss her own love life she truly believed in what seemed like forever. Her bestfriend's name was bell she was going through tough times of her own. But what Alex found out about her friend or at least who she thought was her friend was magical. Was she supposed to tell. Was Jake supposed to be mentioned?


1. First Day Of Summer

Alex pov.

It was the first day of summer cheer in everyones face there were people at the beach and people shopping of corse this makes summer memrable. "ALEX YOUR BABY BROTHER IS WALKING!" Really right now I thought; I'm to tired to get up but I can't miss out. I grabbed my slippers I started running down the stairs."I'm coming mom" I yelled. I got there just in time to see him walking twords my mom. "Come here Nick" I said gently. Nick has soft blue eyes with light brown hair. He started walking toward me. I picked him up and hugged him. "Aren't you late for something" my mom said like she knew everything. I looked at my phone and it was 8: 00 I have to meet Jake I remembered. Buzzzzz. My phone went off. It was Bell, shes my best friend and all but I sometimes get annoyed of text messages. We have been friends since we were children. now were 18 and still friends and yes I know what your going to say how could you be 18 and have a baby brother, well it just happened to be that way I always wanted a younger sibling and finally it happened. I opened up my phone to the message. My mouth dropped.

Bells pov.

Today was starting to turn out bad. I got up and my dad was sitting in a chair beside my bed. He told me my sister had left yesterday night because she had gotten in an argument with my parents. My sister is 21 and will just run away to her boy friends house but I will still miss her. I talk to her when I need help. I have my best friend Alex to but I can't tell anyone my secrets I have to talk to the people that already know. 

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