Love At First Sight (Cameron Dallas Fan Fic)

Hi my name is Jordan. People call me Jo for nickname. I have a big crush on Cameron Dallas! I have Dirty Blonde hair and brown chocolate eyes!


1. Love At first sight

My Prov

I woke up to the sound of my phone go off. I picked it up to see who it was, it was my mom calling me to make sure I am awake. "Yes mom I'm awake" I said annoyed. " k. What do you want for breakfast?" My mom said. " French toast." I said. " ok" my mom said. I ran downstairs to get my breakfast and went upstairs. I got my laptop and opened it up. I went on Facebook and saw a notification that says " Cameron Dallas has added you accept or not now" 'oo he's hot' I thought to myself. I accepted it and went to his profile picture. Oo hes in Magon? What is Magcon I thought to myself. I decided to look it up and saw that there was a lot of hot boys in the group! You know what? I might have a small crush!

Hey guys! Could u please follow me on here and on wattpad and twitter?

Twitter: AnnKamham123

Wattpad: Hello_My_Fellow14

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