Me, Lottie Edwards & My big sister, Perrie

Hi, I'm Charlotte Ripley Edwards, or as my older sister, Perrie calls me, Lottie. I am the daughter or Debby & Mark and younger sister of Jonnie & Perrie. My Dad is a captain of a ship & my mum is an Air Hosts, they both work away a lot so I live with my older sister, Perrie & her fiance, Zayn. This book is all about the memories I have with or off Perrie & all about things we have been through together!
Hope you enjoy!
-Love Lottie xo


1. Growing up with Perrie

Growing up with Perrie was always really fun! She has always been the protective big sister like she is now & at times it would drive me crazy, but I love her for it! There is 6 and a half year age gap, so i always thought Perrie was really cool! She would always let me play with her & her friends and I can't name a time we would argue. Everyone always said me & Perrie looked like each other growing up & when I got to the age of about 3 or 4 our family... Especially our Grandma started saying we were spending to much time together & that i was picking up Perrie's attitude and even now that's what everyone says! Me & Perrie used to drive our older brother Jonnie mad, we would always play practical jokes on him or dance in front of the telly when he was trying to watch something! Me & Perrie would ALWAYS sing together, we loved singing Dolly Parton songs like 9 till 5 and Blue Smoke. Perrie used to ach my how to dance too, she has lessons at the loca dance school once a week & she would come home after every class & teach me what she had learnt, because was too young, she was about 9 at that point. Just after my 4th birthday I joined the classes too, I wasn't in the same one as Perrie because of my age and she was much better than me but she would come and watch me in every class and when we got home she would practice with me. Growing up my favorite memory of Perrie is from just after my 7th Birthday, Perrie was 14 & my mum let her take me to the near by shopping center, there was a bowling alley, a cinema, lots of shops & what felt like a million restaurants! We went shopping where I got a pink & white dress along with a pair of sandals, a blue pair on converse & a new blue winter coat, Perrie got a pair of converse but a different color to mine, a blue pair of jeans, a grey jacket and a checked-shirt, then we went bowling, we played 3 games, I won 2, Perrie won one, if i'm honest I think she let me win ;) Then we went to the cinema, after that we went for something to eat, we went to pizza hut, i remember we both got a pepperoni pizza each! It was a really, really good day but I was so tired by the end of it, by the time we were home i was fast asleep, my dad had to carry me inside! 

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