Published in the May 2014 issue of Bliss Magazine. A short story about a girl, her boyfriend, and another girl.


1. Still

Still. That’s how it felt. Still. She would have thought that it would have felt like the world was crashing around her, the wind ripping her to pieces and the rain drowning her soul, suffocating her heart. But it just felt still. She would have thought that upon finding out that she had been betrayed and let down in the cruellest way that she would at least feel something, at least a tremor, if not an earthquake, but she didn't feel anything. She felt nothing… except numb. There she was, standing in the doorway to his room. There he was, kissing some other girl. And yet she felt like she was standing in a vacuum. They finally noticed her standing there and suddenly jumped apart, as if they could just pretend it hadn't happened. But she had been standing there for long enough. Had she seen it coming? She must have done, she didn't even feel surprised. Maybe she was just in shock and it would all hit her later and she would break down and cry while her mum held her and told her she’d be alright. He was talking, saying a lot of words that she felt didn't really mean anything. The other girl was sitting there looking nervous, chewing on a fingernail. He took a step towards her, saying more empty words, but she just shook her head and turned away. As she walked away, it registered in her mind that he wasn't coming after her, but perhaps that was because it felt empty for him too. 

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