The Bae

Matthew is a new student at Jefferson high and a girl named Paisley shows him around the school. Matthew falls in love with her. But his friend Cameron is also in love with her!!! Who will win over the Bae???? Who will the bae choose????



Mattew was extremely nervous because it was the first day of school. Luckily, a kind girl named Paisley was willing to show him all around the school.

Matthew: It was nice of you to have a tour of Jefferson high with me!

Paisley: No problem

Matthew: I've already have a few friends!

Paisley: Oh really! Who?

Matthew: Cameron.

Paisley: Really?! He's like my best friend.

Matthew: Cool!

Just as they said that Cameron came up to them.

Cameron: Zammm!

Paisley: What is there something wrong?????

Cameron: No, just playing with you.

Matthew: Hey Cameron!

Cameron: Sup' Bro!

Paisley: We should probably go to class now.

After school Cameron and Paisley were walking home with Matthew.

Matthew: Do you guys want to go to Starbucks???

Paisley: Sure!

7 minutes later they were at Starbucks.

Matthew: Paisley you should probably go in first.

Paisley: Okay!

So, Paisley walked in by herself.

Matthew: I think I like Paisley.

Cameron: You're not going to tell her. Are you?

Matthew: I don't know. Should I??

Cameron: No! You just met her!! What if she doesn't feel the same way for you.

Matthew: You do have a point.

Matthew and Cameron walked in Starbucks.

Paisley: What were you guys doing out there?

Cameron: Just talking.

Paisley: About what?

Matthew: Something.

Paisley: Okay.

The Next day later Cameron and Paisley was talking.

Cameron: Will you go out with me?

Paisley: I don't know. I need some time to think.

Matthew was overhearing Cameron and Paisley's conversation.

Cameron: Okay. See you later.

Just as Cameron left Matthew popped out in front of Cameron.

Matthew: You asked her out, right?

Cameron: No. Why would I? You like her.

Matthew: You don't have to lie to me.

Cameron: Okay. I did ask her out! What are you going to do about it?!

Matthew just walked away.

Cameron: He thinks he'll win her over.

It was 12:00. Cameron, Matthew, and Paisley were in line for lunch.

Matthew: What's for lunch today?

Paisley: Taco Tuesday.

Cameron: Zammm!

Paisley: What's wrong this time?

Cameron: Did you just get a haircut?

Paisley: Yeah! You're the first one who noticed today!

Paisley was up next in line.

Matthew: Stop trying to flirt with her!

Cameron: She's not you girlfriend. I can do what ever I what.

Matthew and Cameron hurried to get their food. Matthew raced to sit next to Paisley.

Paisley: Wow! You're fast.

Matthew: Thank You!

Cameron: He's not that fast! I'm faster than him.

Matthew: Shut up.

Paisley just giggled.

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