And She Slept For Eternity

A retelling of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.


1. And She Slept For Eternity

Our story starts exactly fifteen years before its end. In a hospital in the year 1997 in England, a girl was born and named Rose. You may think this was probably quite an ordinary event, and it was. It was not until, on the day after she was born, when her parents decided to have a party in celebration of her birth, that it became an irregular event. It became an irregular event when Rose’s parents forgot to invite someone who they should not have.

The day after the party, Rose’s father, Scott King, was at work and writing an email in his office. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightening and where before there had been blue sky and sunshine, there was now a storm. As the rain splattered against the window behind where he sat, Scott contemplated getting up to turn the light on. But then he noticed the woman sitting in the chair in front of his desk. She certainly had not been there a moment ago. 
She had a slightly witch-like look about her and Scott had to pause a moment to take in her appearance. Her hair was a dark brown, with a hint of red to it, and it was completely straight, falling down to her waist. She wore a black dress that contrasted with her extremely pale skin. It had long sleeves that flared out at the ends and it flowed down to the floor, where her black high-heeled boots peeked out from underneath as she sat with one leg crossed over the other. Her bright red lips (which were the only bright thing about her appearance and unnervingly reminded Scott of blood) decorated her sinister smile and she seemed to be wearing dark eye shadow (although Scott wondered if, perhaps, she was not wearing any makeup at all). Her long black eyelashes surrounded her eyes – her purple eyes.
Another flash of lightening brought Scott out of the trance he had not realised he was in. “Who are you? Who let you in here?” he managed to ask.
The woman laughed. “I should have known you would not recognise me. I suppose I do look a little…different. My name is Michelle, Mr Scarrow. You know me as Maia Finn. And I suppose you could say I let myself in.”
Scott sat there for a moment, confused. This woman was not Maia Finn. Maia Finn was a quiet girl with shoulder length, light brown, hair and grey eyes. She somehow knew his wife. Scott suddenly realised that they’d forgotten to invite Maia to their party yesterday.
“Look,” Scott said, “I don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about, but if you don’t leave now I will have to call security.”
Michelle just laughed again. The suddenly her smile disappeared from her face and was replaced by a very evil look. The room went cold and Scott could feel something very dark emanating from this woman.
“Mr King, listen very carefully.” she said, standing up. She placed her fingertips on the desk and leaned forward slightly. Her voice was calm and quiet, but it was low and he could sense anger behind it. “I do not like being forgotten. And you forgot about me last night. I have been forgotten one-too-many times and now someone must pay. Do you recall the people who gave your daughter presents yesterday?”
Scott nodded; they had been some more people that his wife knew. 
Michelle continued, taking her fingers off the desk and standing tall. “I know that it will be difficult for your human brain to comprehend, but they were fairies, light fairies. And I am a dark fairy.” 
Scott wandered why his wife knew all these people who thought they were “fairies”.
“Since the light fairies gave your daughter presents, I shall also give her a present. But unfortunately for you, it will not be something that you like.” The corner of Michelle’s mouth turned up in a smirk.
“Now, this all sounds a bit drastic.” Scott said. He still was not sure if he believed this woman but she sounded angry. What if she tried to harm Rose?
“It may sound drastic to you but it doesn’t to me.” Michelle replied. “You would understand if you’d been forgotten about as many times as I have. Nobody ever remembers quiet little Maia Finn.” she said, bitterly.
“Look, even if you are Maia, which is doubtful, I’m sure there are better ways to deal with this problem.” Scott tried to calm Michelle. 
“No, there aren’t. I’m tired of being forgotten about, and through my present to your daughter, I will show everyone that it is not okay to forget people – no matter how quiet they are.”
Scott sat there, not quite sure what to say.
“Scott King, my present to your daughter, Rose King, is this: On the day of her fifteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on a thorn and will fall into the deepest slumber of them all, death. And there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Your daughter will be a sleeping beauty for all eternity.” And with that, and with another flash of lightening, Michelle disappeared. 

And so it was. Scott, paranoid that what Michelle had threatened would really happen, tried everything to keep his daughter safe. He never let her leave their house or its garden (which was kept clear of all thorns) and she was home schooled. Rose began to grow up and became a beautiful young girl. She had long, blonde, almost golden, hair and bright blue eyes. 
Rose grew up unaware of the gift she had been given by Michelle. The only person her father ever told about what had happened was his wife. So Rose grew up not knowing why she was not allowed to leave her home and not knowing anything of what the outside world was really like. And as Rose came closer and closer to the day of her fifteenth birthday, her parents became more and more worried.

Then the day came. Fifteen years after Rose had been born, on the exact hour and minute that she had been born, Rose sat in her room, at her desk, on her laptop. She wished she could be outside, doing things that normal children did. She couldn’t even have a birthday party. She didn’t know anyone to invite to a party.
As Rose sighed and continued to aimlessly search the internet, a rose vine covered in thorns slowly began to snake its way around the laptop. Rose gasped upon noticing it and fell sideways off of her chair. She sat for a moment and watched as the vine was joined by another which made its way over her desk, curling around her belongings. Her breath sped up as she stood, shaking, and carefully backed away from the desk, where more and more vines were appearing. Her heart pounded, what was going on?
She turned around to see her bed also covered in thorns.  She ran to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn’t move. Rose felt tears of frustration and fear in her eyes as she violently shook the handle. Then more vines began to wrap around the door handle and she leapt back. Her eyes were wide and tears were beginning to roll down her cheeks. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands and turned around trying to find a way to escape. But the thorns were growing everywhere. Rose fell down to her knees, her body shaking with desperate sobs. “Help!” she screamed through her tears. “Somebody please help me.” she whispered as she lay down on the floor, her tears falling to the carpet. She could feel the vines growing around her.

By the time her parents had broken down the door, there was no helping her. Rose was lying on the floor, dead, having pricked her finger on one of the thorns. A note lay next to her on the floor.

This is a lesson to those who forget others. If you ever find yourself forgetting someone, just think back to Rose, who is now sleeping for eternity, and I am sure you will have no trouble with forgetting people again.

The End.

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