A short story about a girl, alone.


1. Unnoticed

She had only turned on one solitary wall lamp. It meant the light in the bathroom was dim, with there being no light to shine through the window as it was an overcast night, but that was how she wanted it. After locking the door, she slowly undressed and put her clothes in a neat pile on the floor. Then, as she gently brushed her long brown hair, she looked at her reflection in the mirror above the sink. She had heard that if you smiled at yourself in the mirror, it would make you feel better. But she couldn’t manage a smile. She could only keep her face thoughtful – not quite sad and not quite emotionless. Just thoughtful.
She put the hairbrush down and moved over to the bath, which was filling with water. She turned the taps off and carefully stepped in. The water wasn’t too hot (she didn’t like it when it was), for once, it was actually just right. After sitting there for a moment, she then decided it would be alright to cry, as long as she was quiet. She did not want anyone to hear. She did not want anyone to worry. Pulling her knees up and wrapping her arms around her legs, she rested her chin on her knees as she watched the steam rise into the air and as, one by one, tears gradually made their way down her face. 
The tears were not for a boy or a man. They were not for a death or a loss. They were not for a broken heart (hers was not broken, not completely, not yet). They were not for anything really. Yet they were for everything. Everything was overwhelming and there was too much change and no one ever noticed. No one ever properly listened, not even to the simplest things. Every person has so much to say but not everyone can let out what they have to say, either because they do not have the courage or because they have no one to say it too.
She let go of her legs and let herself fall back into the water. She stretched her legs out and closed her eyes; she could feel her hair floating beside her face. She tried to control her crying. Let the tears out but don’t get hysterical, she told herself. You can’t let anyone hear. She lay for a few moments in the water. It was odd, but she felt a calm unhappiness.
Remember to breath, her mind suddenly told her. So she lifted herself out of the water, gasping for air. She pushed her hair back from her face and noticed that she was no longer crying. She sat still for a moment to calm for her breathing. 
Everything was overwhelming, but perhaps she could cope. There was too much change, but perhaps she could deal with it. No one ever noticed, but perhaps one day someone would. 
She managed a smile.

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