New girl in town


1. Chapter One moving in the new house.

My dad Zayn was just adishoning for the X Factor so that is where we are so my dad interdused me to Niall Liam Louis and Harry Niall told my dad Zayn why do I have retainers on my teeth my dad said said that I needed the retainers first then that I'm going to get my braces but I'm going to have to have them on my teeth for the rest of my life my dad said but you will look cute with them Niall told my dad that he has a crush on me and that he wants to marry me my dad said yes Niall came up to me and asked me to marry him in front of my dad mom and the guys and I said yes and I just got my retainers off my teeth and I just got my braces on my teeth now for the rest of my life

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