The Unseen

(a Mortal Instruments FanFic)My name is Summer I'm a shadowhunter. I've been on the run for five years running and hiding. I'm finally is going back, but at great risks I might might put everyone I loves in danger, but I can protect them right?
Im Winter ,Summer's older sister, I've been tring to find Summer since she disappeared, but last year i finally gave in and accepted her death. I lost both my parents and now her. I think i can have a little fun right?


1. Chapter One

                                             ------======Summer's POV======------      

     "Its been five long years hiding and hoping and most of all running and did a little monster killing.          

       Five years of looking over my shoulder and looking around corners.                                                          

       Fives years of missing the people whom I loved dearly.                                                                              

       Five years since parents died in the war.


       I was a fast but weak twelve year old girl when I left, but now I'm a strong and fast seventeen year old woman.                                                                                                                                                              

         Its finally time to return. No matter what the risk. I'll protect them. Staying away is not an option anymore. I need to return to my family.


         My sister. My best friend. The man who stepped in as my older brother when my father died. And the man who I think  I might be in love with," I thought of all this squatting behind a giant shrub in the middle of the night rubbing my locket with its amazing blue jewel.                 


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