Blind date (Niall Horan)

It's your first blind date ever. But what happens when you see that your blind date is the one and only Niall Horan from One Direction? Will you fall in love? Or will it all just be a nightmare?

Read and find out...


1. Blind date

“Hi I’m here to meet someone” you say to the waitress at the bar.

You’re a half an hour late for your blind date, because you didn’t know what to wear.

Your best friend had sat you up to this blind date, she thought it was time for you to get out again, after your last break up.

You had no clue who it could be, because your best friend knows a lot of different people.

The waitress nods, pointing over to a blond boy who sits at the other end of the cafe, his back facing you so you can’t see his face. You breathe in some air and walk over to your date.

“Hi” you say so low, that you’re not sure that he hears you, but he did. He stands up and facing you. “Hi” he says with the most adorable smile ever.

You immediately notice that the cute blonde guy is Niall Horan from One Direction.

You’re shocked, because you’re a big fan, and your best friend knows that.

You stand there for a minute or two and say nothing, just staring at your gorgeous blind date. “You want to sit?” he asks, you just nod and sit down across him. You’re still a bit shocked, how could she just set me up with Niall Horan? She knows that I’m completely in love with him. “You want anything to drink?” Niall ask with that cute smile again, and again you just nod, you can’t get any words over your lips.

The waitress comes over, “what can I get you?” Finally you get out some words, “I-I, just want a glass of water, thanks” She nods and then walks away again. “You OK?” Niall ask, “Yea, I’m fine” you response with the biggest smile you could ever put on your lips.

You two begins to talk more and more, and really gets to know each other, you see that he isn’t just a famous boys, he’s a really sweet and nice normal boy, and you really like that.

The time just flew by, and soon it was late, you look at the clock and see that it’s 9pm. You smile at Niall, and say that you really have to go. He gives you a little smile, and you response it with one too. He stands up and pull out your chair like a real gentleman, you stand up facing him, “I had a really good time” you say, “me too, we should see each other again someday”, you just smile at him, “I mean if you want to?” You nod, and take your purse. When you’re about to walk away he grabs your hand, you turn around, “wait, can I get your number?” you laugh a little and response “just get it from Sarah” you when turn around and walk away.

Next morning you woke up to a text saying,

“Hi sweetie, I hope I didn’t wake you, just want to say what I had a really good time yesterday, and I can’t wait to see you again. xxx Niall. Ps. You looked gorgeous yesterday;)”

You couldn’t stop yourself from smiling, Mrs. Horan, sounds good in my ears.

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