Shadow Hill -Nightmares Are Only The Beginning-

After being contacted by Aaron Yamir-Director over the Alnwick Institute and its Patient-Visitor Program-Rosalyn believes the routine of 'How are you feeling' will be all that is to come.

When she meets Markus, her opinion changes.

Infamous for his connection to the Grove Place murders, Markus was found 'not guilty' by way of mental defect. Quite bizarre considering the victims were found in the man's own apartment. Combined with an inexplicable lack of physical evidence, Markus was labeled crazy, admitted and abandoned.

Hooked by a strong curiosity, Rosalyn is determined to continue her visits-if not to help Markus back to reality, then to uncover the truth from the man's own lips.

She soon finds herself picking away at Markus' harsh attitude, discovering the compassionate soul within. But when the man suffers a provoked mental breakdown, Rosalyn is drawn down into his dark, personal Hell.

Nightmares so real the woman's skin is still cold upon waking.

Vivid hallucinations.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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