Skye Simmonds is a nobody. She's always hiding in the girl's loo's at breaktime. Desperately trying to stay away from everyone. Until one day, one mairacolous day, changes everything....


1. 1

Only ten more minutes, ten more minutes....

Skye thought to herself as she sat in one of the cubicles in the girl's toilets. She frantically checked her watch, Skye would Never, mingle with the other kids at her school. Every so often the manky door would creak open, and Skye would lift up her clumpy shoes in hope that no one would notice that every lunchtime, that cubicle was always occupied. The door creaked open probably for the last time that day, Skye heard voices, familiar ones....

"Ugh, this lipstick's all smushed, ew, ew, ew!!

Oh no! The three most popular girls in the whole school were inches from her.

Kaylee giggled, Skye guessed, at her phone. She sprayed some sickly perfume which made Skye's throat itch. She coughed. A massive mistake. One of them (Shannon) stuck her foot through the bottom of the cubicle. Skye was now crouching on the toilet seat.

"Who's in there? You should really be heading to class you know!"

Skye gulped. She started shifting.

"Oh I think I know who it is! Don't you think it's Skylnn, from maths?"

Skye could feel the others nodding, a shiver went up her spine. Another barge into the door made her jump and fall completely from the toilet seat. Shannon cackled from The other side of the door. Skye's insides were turning to jelly.

"Go away." She mumbled through her blue braces, Skye didn't get along with these girls. People weren't supposed to be perfect....

"What was that Skylnn? Go away? Nah, don't want to really. I think we'll stay her until you come out...."

Skye reached out her freckly hand towards the lock on the door, she was wondering if she should just wait them out, or run quickly away. She tossed her blonde hair out of the way, she pulled the latch, grabbed her bag and sprinted out of the dank cubicle.

P.E was something Skye was good at, she could run for miles, jump like a hare and throw like a professional. Except she'd never been confident enough to really let it shine. She'd out run the Barbie's and was now heading to Science.


"Skylnn?" Mr Merts had called for registration. Skye sat up, full attention. Mr Merts always waited until the end of the lesson to call registration. He was stupid.

"Now class, I know you've all been eager to know who your science teams are for the academic science awareness show! So.... without further ado, here we go!"

Skye flicked a pencil off the edge of the table,

"Emily Green, Tara Imberhor, Jayne Jennings."

"Cara Kendell, Debbie Kane and Shannon Price."

"Skye Simmonds, Maribelle Schmit and Kylee Foster."

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