Geek Girl

Diary of a year seven girl starting at a boarding school!! She meets new friends and best of all she is a geek!!


1. Starting school

Dear Diary,

Hi my name is Alicia Richards and I'm starting Clifford High today so I thought I would write a diary for my little sister when she moves up here next year, it will be like Good Luck Charlie except if its too embarrassing I might just not let her read it! Anyway, yesterday I bought you at a  car boot sale and I could tell you were the perfect diary for me because I read somewhere that if the diary doesn't suit you then you can't write in it properly, I read it in a magazine and it must be true! There was a quiz to see you're perfect diary I got pretty and pink so I guess you will work for me as your pink! I always try and keep a diary but it never worked but I'm actually enjoying writing in you so the article I read must have been true after all! Clifford High is in Wales which will be awesome but the only thing is that I won't know anyone there except two girls I used to be friends with until they got all prissy and annoying so I hope I'm not in there dorm! Right now I'm sitting on a train with my sister and my parents, I will really miss them. My mum says we're 15 minutes away from the school so I will use that time to create a fact file of myself!

Name: Alicia Richards

Age: 11 (12 in April)

Favourite colour: Pink (but I say it's purple so people don't think I'm really girly or something)

Personality: Shy, clever, geeky, nerdy.

Fun fact: I love to write fan fiction online about Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger!

My mum has just told me that we've arrived so I better put you in my bag!

My parents are currently saying goodbye to me which is embarrassing but I like it really! Phew they've stopped so I can sit down with all the other girls, were in the lunch hall right now and it's kinda starting to remind me of Hogwarts (I hope there's no three headed dogs!). I've sat down next to the girls from my primary: Erica Stevens and Tess Bennett. The headmistress is reading down the list of dorms for the new year sevens and luckily I'm not with Erica or Tessa but they are together. After reading out about 4 dorms my name is called.

"In Bluebird Dorm: on the second floor," Says the Headmistress. "Is Alicia Richardson, Melanie Anderson,  Antonia Eklund, Sophie Mckenzie, Poppy Well and Maddie Brooks.

After lots more dorms I went up with the other girls from my dorm. Melanie, Sophie and Poppy knew each other already, Maddie looked so cool and Antonia was Swedish.

When we arrived there were six beds and a bathroom. The rooms were painted blue and the carpet was lilac, it was beautiful.

"OMG!" Said Poppy. "This is lush!"

Poppy was small with dark hair and came from a very very rich family but she didn't seem at all snobby.

"Poppy, lets get the beds near the window." Said Sophie. 

Sophie seemed quiet and had long brown curls but she also seemed a tad bit sulky.

Melanie, Antonia and Maddie were in deep conversation so I thought I would put my bags down on a bed.

"Can you choose another bed?" Asked Melanie. "It's just me and Maddie won't get to be next to each other if we don't get those beds."

Alright then, they all already have chosen their friends, Poppy and Sophie were already BFFs and Melanie and Maddie soon would be. 

"Ok." I muttered and moved my stuff over to the bed next to Antonia.

Antonia seemed to be best friends with everyone, she was bouncy and bubbly but the only downside was her accent was really strong  so i couldnt really understand everything she said but I could get used to it and we could be best friends and that would sort it out!

"Hi!" Said Antonia.

I smiled and said hi back, like I said I'm shy. Right then I wished I was Melanie because I really liked Maddie she seemed so cool and right now they were both jumping on beds and having

fun but I'm sure me and Antonia would be like that.

 "So you're from Sweden?" Said Melanie as she walked over.

"Yeah!" Grinned Antonia.

"That is awesome!" Replied Melanie. "Come over to me and Maddie's bed, we've got sweets!"

Yeah don't ask me because I'm invisible.

"You don't mind if I like..?" Asked Antonia, turning to me.

"Oh, no not at all, I'll just my book or something." I said, trying to sound like I was too busy to care.

Antonia ran over to them and was soon laughing with them, great, Just great, Melanie gets to be friends with everyone and is cool and popular in about ten seconds.

Because it was our first day we had the whole day free to make friends and get used to it. So here goes, time to make friends!

"Who wants to explore?!" Cried Maddie, jumping to her feet.

"Sorry I'm texting a friend." Said Melanie.

"Watching a movie." Chorused Poppy and Sophie, who then started laughing.

"I would but I've just lost my earring!" Said Antonia.

My chance to be Maddie's friend!

"I'll come, if you want?" I said, smiling.

"Awesome!" Grinned Maddie.

Melanie didn't look too happy, which kinda served her right because she had completely ignored me earlier.

"Oh it's ok I'll come!" Said Melanie, hastily getting up.

"I thought you were texting." Replied Maddie.

"Yeah but my friend err... had to go." She said.

"Great, you can both come then!" Smiled Maddie.

I can't believe she actually fell for that!

So out we went and as soon as we got out Melanie kept excluding me and Maddie just went along with it and didnt even say anything but I still think she's cool.


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