The Stopper the beginning


1. the reason

have you ever heard of the creepypastas? Of course you have, if you for some reason havent here is the short version. They are a big group of people or monsters who exist only to kill and torture people for some reason that makes sense in there heads. So watch out for them OK? But the laws of physics say that there have to be balance no negative without positive so all the evil they are must be balanced out. Many says they have weaknesses that balance it out, but no that is not true that is not balance i say... no... he says, he told me all of this. he asked me to tell you, and i will. the he i am talking about is The Stopper he is the balance. he is the one who stops them when they do evil, he is the one who balances out the weight. the folowing parts are are pages from his own chronicle, so please keep reading as this could be faital for you to know.

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